Java Version Managing Software for Enterprises

Java is the most widely-used plug-in by Internet Explorer for web applications today. Some applications have been designed to use a specific version of Java in order to be correctly rendered. Such applications requires to be opened in Internet Explorer and would experience broken webpages when opened with any other version of Java.

Internet Explorer typically use the default Java version configured on the computer. If the Java version the browser is using is different from the one the web application is using, it can result in broken pages. If an outdated version of Java is set as the default for all web applications, your network will be vulnerable to drive-by attacks. In the past, this left you with two options:

  • Keep Java updated, and deal with the broken pages. This option will leave you on the receiving end of help desk calls complaining about broken pages.
  • Don't update Java, and instead deal with drive-by attacks.

Neither of these scenarios are ideal: one increases your workload while the other places your enterprise at risk. So what if we told you there was a third, better option?

Now, there is! With Browser Security Plus, you can manage Java versions. Allocate the required Java versions to specific web applications. Java Manager allows users to run different versions of Java side by side on a single computer, so users will no longer run into broken pages within web applications due to updates in Java.

Do you decline your Java patches?

Java releases six updates per year on average. When a critical Java patch breaks one of your mission-critical applications, you'll be forced to decline the patch. If you decline the patch, you’re opening your organization up to a plethora of attacks waiting to exploit the vulnerability in your outdated Java. What if we told you that you don't have to put your organization at risk this way?

Browser Security Plus gives you Java Manager, which lets you run multiple versions of Java simultaneously on your organization’s computers. You can now easily assign the older version only to the websites that will break, while all other websites run on the latest version of Java.

To secure your browsers and mitigate web-based threats now, download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features for yourself.