Unified network management 

A secure, healthy, and optimally functioning IT network serves as the backbone for any successful business. Managing modern-day network infrastructure is an increasingly complex task, largely due to the mix of new devices and applications. Along the same line, network management has become more important over the years, and is only expected to continue to grow; the market for network management is forecasted to be around $10.2 billion by the year 2023.

Network management functions cover several areas, which can be loosely classified into performance management, configuration management, network security management, and fault management. The overarching goal of network management is to ensure that network resources are effectively made available to users and consumed as efficiently as possible.

  • Performance management
  • Configuration management
  • Security and compliance management
  • Fault management

Unified Network Management System  

The need for unified network management solutions

As your company grows, so does the size of your IT network, and the overhead costs of operation and management increase along with it. This forces companies to buy multiple expensive network management tools to cope with the expanding network's diversity. To combat this, companies employ a unified network management system, a division of tools that perform the tasks of multiple tools without compromising on functionality and cutting expenses simultaneously.

Let's take a look at how OpManager Plus satisfies the requirements of unified network management software.

Performance management

OpManager Plus provides proactive and reactive performance management techniques, helping you optimize your network performance and eliminate downtime thus offering a truly unified network performance management.

Hardware performance management

Track the health and availability of your hardware devices, and monitor critical performance metrics such as device temperature, fan speed, battery, power consumed, voltage, etc.

Unified Network Monitoring   

Managing both physical and virtual devices

OpManager Plus, a unified IT operations management and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution monitors a variety of physical devices, including servers, firewalls, ports, routers, switches, printers, and access points, as well as virtual devices, including VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, and Nutanix. Using dedicated real-time topology maps, you can easily understand the relationships between the host, virtual machines (VMs), and virtual networks.

Customizable device and interface templates

With over 9,000 device templates, 53,000 vendor templates, and 292 interface templates, OpManager Plus ensures your devices and interfaces are adequately classified, and assigns a set of default monitors upon discovery.

Unified Network Management Solution   

Traffic and bandwidth management

OpManager Plus monitors traffic and bandwidth consumption using advanced flow technologies such as J-flow and F-flow, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your bandwidth performance. In addition, the traffic information of interfaces and associated applications can also be tracked to draft traffic policies that best suit your requirements.

Unified Network Performance Management   

Monitor individual processes and services

OpManager Plus, an IT infrastructure management solution comes with out-of-the box support for availability monitoring of all Windows and Linux services. It can be configured to alert if any important services fail, and in the unlikely event of service issues, OpManager Plus can be configured to perform activities such as restarting a service, rebooting the machine, or alerting a network admin.

Mitigate overutilization of system resources by carefully monitoring system processes such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc. In case of abnormal process behavior, you can set alarms or alert messages to notify network administrators to take action immediately.

Monitor Network Processes and Services - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Configuration management

Configuration and compliance management

Manage the configuration of your devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices by taking control of their entire life cycle of change management to guarantee a disaster-free network.

Ensure your devices stay compliant with industry-leading mandates like Cisco IOS, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and other custom policies by doing something as simple as associating a compliance template.

Restrict users from making costly configuration mistakes by imparting custom created rule-based access, and in the event of a network disaster, deploy a rollback mechanism to quickly revert the network to working conditions.

Network Configuration & Compliance Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Automated software update and backup

Prevent human errors by automating repetitive configuration tasks using script templates called configlets. Push software updates to respective devices from a central console. Perform manual, automated, or scheduled backups.

Network security management

Network security is an essential aspect of managing a network. Failing to comply with security standards can result in hefty fines and attract expensive lawsuits. OpManager Plus addresses your network security with features such as:

Firewall log monitoring

OpManager Plus functions as a unified threat management network, allowing you to gain visibility into the rules written in your firewall, and improve its performance by identifying rule anomalies. Understand security threats and traffic behavior through detailed log reports. Identify users connected by your virtual private network (VPN), monitor their usage and proxy server logs, and get detailed VPN and proxy reports too.

Firewall Security & Rule Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Security compliance management

Perform security audits on the configuration setup of your firewall, and get detailed reports on any security loopholes. Stay compliant with regulatory mandates such as PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, ISO 27001, SANS, and NIST.

IP address screening and rogue IP detection

Discover and maintain an inventory of all your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and obtain their statuses by scanning your subnet. Verify all known devices, and block unauthorized or rogue IP addresses from accessing your network.

IP Address Management & Rogue IP Detection - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Wireless access point monitoring

Monitor WLAN controllers for bandwidth-related statistics, and drill down further to view reports on WLAN controllers, SSIDs, and quality of service (QoS). Identify rogue SSIDs, the number of clients connected to the network, and detailed information on access points.

There are several difficulties in trying to monitor a network with multiple tools, but OpManager Plus provides a unified network management process to drastically boost your business efficiency.

Monitor WLAN - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Fault identification and management

The most important function of a unified network monitoring tool today is to keep the network issue-free. This can be effectively achieved only by proactively taking measures to identify and address issues before they get out of hand.

OpManager Plus offers unified infrastructure monitoring by employing advanced features that monitor your network for signs of failure and notifies you in advance, allowing your team to take proactive measures in rectifying any problems, thus ensuring a smooth ITOM experience.

Workflow automation

Workflow is a simple drag-and-drop process builder that can be configured to troubleshoot L1 and L2 activities, and other repeated tasks such as revert configurations, start and stop a process or service, etc.

Network Worflow Automation - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Alert-based notification

OpManager Plus, a powerful IT operations management tool creates alarms and notifications to indicate the faults identified. Multilevel, color-coded thresholds help identify faults at various levels of your network, which are distinguished based on severity for events and alarms.

Alert-based Notification - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Alarm escalation

You can bring attention to a possible ignored critical alarm by escalating it to a super admin or upper management. This will ensure timely action is taken, and possibly save your network from certain doom.

Added benefits offered by OpManager Plus

Network provisioning

Based on the historical trends observed from the reports on memory utilization, bandwidth usage, and device upgrades, OpManager Plus helps in capacity planning and future forecast using forecast reports.

Network Provisioning - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Troubleshooting tools

Troubleshoot basic performance issues by employing OpManager Plus' built-in tools available free right out of the box.

Network Troubleshooting Tools - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Leveraging the visualization prowess of OpManager Plus

Layer 2 Maps:

Layer 2 Maps helps you in drawing a logical network topology diagram with a seed router at its core. This feature quickly and automatically discovers, maps, and reports on all the devices.

Network Layer-2 Maps - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Business View:

Business View allows you to create custom network maps with the business they are catering to. This graphical representation of devices can be used to logically group devices and perform actions on them such as draw reports, apply configuration changes, etc.

Business view - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

Dashboard and NOC view:

Dashboard and network operations center (NOC) views provide an at-a-glance overview of the real-time status of your network. Armed with highly customizable widgets, an assortment of pie-chart, bar diagrams, and exhaustive graphs, dashboards provide a clear representation of monitored data.

NOC views keeps the business running by notifying the NOC team about the availability and health of critical devices, making it easier to ensure continual uptime and also streamlines the process of network operations management.

NOC Dashboard - ManageEngine OpManager Plus   

If you're new to OpManager Plus, try our free, 30-day trial, and experience the power of a unified network management tool.

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