Layer 2 Map

OpManager is a logical network topology diagramming tool and renders the diagram once you discover the networks and network devices. For a better visualization of the physical network connectivity in real networks and the consequences of a failure of a device, network topology map comes handy.

Creating a Layer2 Map

To create a Layer2 Map, go to SettingsDiscoveryLayer2 Discovery, or go to Map > Layer 2 Maps > Create New.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create a Layer2 Map, click here.

OpManager automatically maps L2 devices when Layer 2 discovery is done. The resultant map can be viewed under the Layer 2 tab of the Maps Section.

Layer2 Map views

After discovering your network topology, you can choose to view it in three different views, Radial Tree (default view), Node Link and Balloon Tree. You can switch between the views by clicking on their respective icon in the top right corner.

Layer2 Map Settings

You can click on the settings icon at the top right corner of the Layer2 map to explore additional functions.

1. Import Devices

The devices that are discovered in Layer2 maps will not be added to OpManager for monitoring purposes, unless they have been imported.

  • Click on Settings and choose Import Devices. A screen containing all the devices that have been identified by the Layer2 Map will be displayed. This list also includes the ones that have already been imported to OpManager.
  • From the list, select the devices that are yet to be imported to OpManager and click on Discover. Discovery process will commence and a list of all the newly imported devices will be displayed in the device snapshot page (navigate to the Inventory → Devices and click on the device name).

Importing devices to Layer2 Maps in OpManager

Rediscover Map

This option is used when you want to rerun Layer2 discovery with-in the same device IP range specified in the discovery window. You can also perform Rediscovery by clicking on the refresh icon in the Layer2 Maps section of the Map page

Save as Business View

The devices that are identified in the Layer2 Map can be saved as a Business view. To do this, click on Save as Business View, give the layout a name and press Save. The result can be viewed in the Business View section.

Rediscovering Layer2 Maps in OpManager

Export to Visio

Visio is a Microsoft owned graphic tool exclusively used for drawing network diagrams. The network map discovered in Layer2 Maps can be exported to Visio as an xml file. Know More

Delete Map

You can delete the created map by clicking on the Delete Map option. Kindly note that once deleted, the map cannot be retrieved.

You can print a physical copy of your network layout using this option. Click on this button and you will be taken to the Print page. Choose your print preferences and click print. You can also save this layout to your PC as a PDF.

Modifying Layer 2 Maps

OpManager allows you to perform edits on Layer2 Maps that have already been discovered. Click on the Maps tab and scroll down to the Layer2 Maps section. In the Actions column, there is a provision to perform the following:

  • Re-Discovery:
    Click on the refresh icon to rediscover all the devices within the IP range specified during Layer2 device discovery. This is especially useful when:
    • You have added new devices to your topology.
    • You have updated the device template or interfaces that were connected to existing devices.
    • Made hardware changes to one or many devices.
  • Edit:
    You can edit the discovery parameters (such as modifying the IP range, editing the seed router, changing the discovery mechanism, set device dependency, change schedule discovery time) of the existing Layer2 Map and rerun the discovery process.



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