SysLog Notification Profile

When any fault occurs you can notify users via SysLog.

Configure a SysLog profile

  1. Go to Settings Notification Profiles.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select the Notification type as Send SysLog. 
  4. Destination Host: Provide the Name/IP address of the host to which notifications has to be sent.
  5. Destination Port: Provide the SysLog listening port number of the host to which notifications has to be sent.
  6. Severity: You can choose any of SysLog severity events to be processed. $severity refers to alarm severity in OpManager. These alarm severities will be automatically parsed and inter-mapped with SysLog severities before being sent as a SysLog notification.
    The below table will explain you the mapping between Alarm and Syslog severities.
  7. Alarm Severity SysLog Severity
    Critical Critical
    Trouble Error
    Attention Warning
    Service Down Warning
    Clear Informational

  8. Select the Facility and required Message Variables. Click Next
  9. Select the fault criteria for which you need to be notified. For instance, if you want to be notified of threshold violation, select 'Threshold rule is violated'. Additionally notify only when any or all the severity: Critical, Trouble, Attention, Service Down. Click Next
  10. Select the devices either By Category or By Business View or By Devices and click Next.

  11. Select the required Time WindowDelayed Trigger and Recurring Trigger and click Next.

  12. Give a profile name and Click Test Action to test the email profile or Save to save the profile.

You have successfully configured the notification profile.