Working with Applications Manager

The following are the steps involved in monitoring:

  1. Create a new Monitor Group: Create a new Monitor Group by grouping one or more Monitors.

  2. Create new Monitor: Discover Monitors in the network and start collecting data (performance metrics, availability etc) for the same.

  3. Create new Monitor Type: Create new monitor type for monitoring custom applications.

  4. Associate Monitor with Monitor Group: Add the discovered monitors to the Monitor Group.

  5. Create threshold profile: Create thresholds to identify the status of a specific attribute.

  6. Create actions: Specify what action needs to be taken in the event of an alarm.

  7. Associate threshold and action with the attributes: Associate the thresholds and action to generate alarms and perform action based on the threshold definition.

  8. Configuring dependencies: Dependencies specify the rule based on which the severity of health and availability is determined. For example, Health of a Tomcat Server may depend on the overall response time of the server or on the response time of each of the web applications deployed on the server etc. By configuring dependencies, you can determine the attribute, based on which the severity of health changes.

Note: Have a look at Working with Applications Manager - How to Demos from the website.

Please go through Working with Monitor Group and Configuring Alarms for detailed information on the above.

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