Pre-defined Patch Reports for your Network Security
I use the Patch Management feature of Desktop Central very frequently. It helps me to easily identify and install the missing patches in all the computers in my network. Now, my desktops have up-to-date patches installed and are more secure. Thank you Desktop Central.
Joshua D. Dooley, The University of Georgia

Patch Management Reports are essential tools that offer various Patch details to the IT administrator. Using these reports, Network Managers can easily identify the Patch Vulnerabilities in their Network. Details like system vulnerability level, missing Windows patches, applicable Windows patches, etc. can be well interpreted from these reports. The reports can be generated in PDF and CSV file formats.

Patch Management Reports also come in handy during the patch management audits that emphasize on Network Safety and information security. Endpoint Central's Patch Management Reports provide detailed information about the vulnerable systems in the network and also the patch details to fix the vulnerability. The following reports can help you check the network vulnerability:

Patch Reports

Vulnerable Systems Report

The Vulnerable Systems Report of Endpoint Central's Patch Reporting module gives away the details of the healthy and vulnerable systems in your network. This Patch Report is essentially important to reduce the risks that are associated with the presence of Vulnerable Systems. You can drill-down the report to get the application wise Installed and Missing Patch Information for the vulnerable systems.

Vulnerable Patches Report

The Vulnerable Patches Report lists the missing patches in the network. The report also displays the details of the affected systems in your network for every patch that is listed.

Supported Patches Report

The Supported Patches Report provides the details of all the patches released by Microsoft Corporation irrespective of whether these patches have a relation to your network or not. The Supported Patches Report will be of absolute use when you plan to upgrade the systems in your network by installing the latest applications/ updates available for the application.