Windows Services

Windows Services are the backbone to the Windows Operating System and Windows network. Desktop management services like DNS client, Print Spooler, Windows Update services, Task Scheduler, Windows Time Services, Alerter, etc., are important services that are responsible for proper functioning of the desktop. If these services are not managed properly then the basic operation of the Windows desktop will be affected. Hence in the Windows network, setting up of the proper services with required state in all desktops is a high priority work for administrators.

Desktop management services - ManageEngine Endpoint Central

ManageEngine Endpoint Central facilitates managed desktop services by helping administrators start or stop the services of the Windows desktops using its Web Interface. The service startup type can be also configured as "Manual", "Disabled" or "Automatic" for each service. Endpoint Central allows services to be set up for specific users and computers or to all users and computers in OUs, Domains and Sites.

For more details, refer to the Windows Services topic in the online help.

For details on various out-of-the-box Windows Configurations supported by Endpoint Central, refer to Windows Configurations.