Registry is the brain and nerves of the Windows Operating System. Administrators edit registry to change the settings of operating system and the installed applications and make them work the way their organization requires. Error in registry editing can cause problems in the operating system or the application, which can even lead to reinstallation of Windows Operating System to restore it. Therefore a simple interface is highly essential for Administrators to manipulate Windows registry settings.

Windows Registry Settings Configuration

ManageEngine Endpoint Central helps administrators to easily configure and manipulate the Windows registry. Values can be written or deleted or simply the keys can be added or deleted in a Windows registry using the "Write Value", "Delete Value", "Add Key" and "Delete Key" options in registry settings configuration. Registry editing can be done to specific users or computers or to all users and computers in OUs, Domains or Sites.

For more details on Windows Registry configuration, refer to the Registry Settings topic in the online help.

For details on various out-of-the-box Windows Configurations supported by Endpoint Central, refer to Windows Configurations.