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    Adding a Syslog Application

    When should Syslog Application be used?

    If syslogs are simultaneously forwarded from a device that has already been configured as a Windows Device, EventLog Analyzer server will ignore the syslogs in order to maintain a single base log source. If you want to configure EventLog Analyzer server to receive syslogs too from a Windows device, follow the procedure given below:

    • Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Manage Application Sources
    • Click on the Other Application Sources tab
    • Choose Syslog Application as Application Type
    • Mention the name of the Device and click Add
    Adding a Syslog Application

    In Search

    Navigate to Search. You can search for Syslog Application logs by clicking the drop down box and scrolling down. You will find a specific logtype categorization for Syslog Application.

    Adding a Syslog Application

    To gain more insights from Syslog Application logs, you can extract or create custom/new fields from the logs. Click here to know more.

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