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    Adding Sysmon Application

    Sysmon (System Monitor), when installed on a system, audits the activities of the system, which include registry activities, file activities, process activities, network driver activities and more.

    Devices that have Sysmon installed in them can be added as Sysmon Application to categorize the events into different reports.

    Adding Sysmon Application

    Procedure to add a device as Sysmon Application is given below,

    • Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Manage Application Sources
    • Click on the Other Application Sources tab.
    • Choose Sysmon Application as Application Type
    • Mention the name of the Device and click Add. The Device being added can either be a new device with credentials or an already existing device.
    Adding Sysmon Application

    In Search

    Navigate to Search. You can search for Syslog Application logs by clicking the drop down box and scrolling down. You will find a specific logtype categorization for Sysmon Application.

    Adding Sysmon Application

    To gain more insights from Sysmon Application logs, you can extract or create custom/new fields from the logs. Click here to know more.

    EventLog configurations for logging

    Please note that these configurations will be added automatically when the device gets added as a Sysmon Application, provided the credentials have the privilege to access the registry and add the key. If not configured automatically, this key has to be added and enabled for logging to take place.

    Steps to add the key in the registry

    Using the Command Line window, open the registry editor 'regedit' of the print server machine.
    Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\eventlog\
    To create a new key, right click on eventlog, click new > key. You can name the key as Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/Operational.

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