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    Configuring the Syslog Service on NetScreen devices

    The Syslog service in your NetScreen devices, can be configured in two ways:

    Enabling Syslog Messages using the NetScreen Device:

    1. Login to the NetScreen GUI.
    2. Navigate to Configuration> Report Settings> Syslog.
    3. Check the Enable Syslog Messages check-box.
    4. Select the Trust Interface as Source IP and enable the Include Traffic Log option.
    5. Enter the IP address of the Eventlog Analyzer server and Syslog port (514) in the given boxes. All other fields will have default values.
    6. Click Apply to save the changes.

    Enabling Syslog Messages the CLI Console:

    Execute the following commands:

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    Netscreen > set syslog config <ip address> facilitates local0 local0

    Netscreen > set syslog config <ip address> port 514

    Netscreen > set syslog config <ip address> log all

    Netscreen > set syslog enable

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