ManageEngine  ServiceDesk Plus - MSP helps to manage all IT and Non-IT assets of your accounts. ServiceDesk Plus - MSP offers a single view to track and manage all assets with ServiceDesk Plus - MSP , you can track and manage ownership of

    • IT, Non-IT and Asset Components.

    • Software Asset Management


    IT & Non-IT Asset Management


    ServiceDesk Plus - MSP helps you to manage,

    • IT assets such as, workstations, switches, routers, printers, and access points

    • Non-IT assets such as basic fixtures, furniture, chairs, tables, projectors, and desk phones

    • Asset Components such as keyboards, software, software licenses and even printer inks.


    Software Asset Management


    Software License Management


    ServiceDesk Plus - MSP helps you to manage software licenses installed across all accounts. You can consolidate and manage all software licenses from a single screen. ServiceDesk Plus - MSP will scan and automatically pickup license keys for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word. You can key-in all the licenses purchased earlier and track future purchase of software licenses through the Purchase module.


    Software Metering


    ServiceDesk Plus - MSP helps you to track the usability of the installed software across the account. It gives the count of rarely used, frequently used and occasionally used software for each account.


    Software Compliance


    ServiceDesk Plus - MSP tracks purchased versus installed licenses helping you to ensure software license compliance for each account. The scheduled scan alerts you when an unauthorized software installation is detected, ensuring software compliance on an on-going basis.




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