Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


    Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a centralized repository that stores relevant information about all the significant entities in your IT environment. The entities, termed as Configuration Items (CIs) constitutes of Hardware, the installed Software Applications, Documents, Business Services and People that are part of your IT system. Unlike the asset database that comprises of a bunch of CIs, the CMDB is designed to support a vast IT structure where the interrelation between the CIs are maintained and supported successfully.


    Each CI within the CMDB is grouped under specific CI Types, and is represented with Attributes and Relationships. Attributes are data elements which describe the characteristics of CIs under a CI Type. For instance, the attributes for CI Type Server would be Model, Service Tag, Processor Name and so on. Relationships denote the link between two CIs that identifies the dependency or connection between them.


    The CMDB in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP, keeps a track of all the pending requests, problems and change raised for the CI Type - Assets, Business and IT Services. Any impact cause by the malfunctioning of these CIs on other CIs can be identified using the Relationship Map, and specific measures can be adapted to minimize the effect. The CMDB, thus, functions as an effective decision making tool by playing a critical role in Impact Analysis and Root Cause Determination.


    Before you begin populating the CIs into the CMDB, you need to configure the CMDB configurations(Configuration Item Types and Relationship Types) in the Admin tab.






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