Project Management


    Project management - the discipline of planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals is now a part of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP. Using project management you can create projects: a temporary endeavor to achieve certain objective/change (within a specific time period) beneficial to your organization.

    Effective management of resources like time, budget, manpower and the quality of work, is the primary goal of project management.



    • Milestones: These help you plan the project, decide its various stages, and also serve as landmarks that identify how close a project is to completion.

    • Tasks: Entities that decide the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project. They are a part of Milestones.

    • Task Relationship: Decide parent/dependent tasks, connect tasks that are similar, by establishing Task Relationship.

    • Flexibility in Swapping Member Roles: Ability to switch/change "member roles" anytime allows administrators to focus on Milestones/Tasks requiring immediate attention, thus speeding up the project by focusing on grey areas.

    • Gantt View: Chart presenting a bird's eye view of the project: a standpoint from where not only the entire project can be viewed but also can be reconfigured based on the approaching deadline.

    • Timesheet: Log for tracking time spent on tasks involved in the project. It helps administrators take necessary steps based on the project's progress rate.

    • Comments: Comments that enable members/administrators to share their views on each other's tasks for the betterment of the project.

    • Project Overview Map: Map presenting 'a clear picture' of the entire project.


    Projects created within the Projects Module can also be:

    • Associated with Change using 'Associate Change' option


    Project Management Workflow





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