The ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP application provides a facility to record the solutions for the received requests. The recorded solutions function as a knowledge base of solutions. Thus, when you receive a request, refer to the recorded solutions and solve it. This reduces the turnaround time in attending to the requests generated by the requesters and closing the same.

    All requesters and technicians who have permissions to view the solutions module can access this section of the application. The ServiceDesk Plus MSP administrator can assign access privileges to the various technicians for the solutions section. This access privilege can vary from just view only privilege to full control privilege. For setting the access privileges to technicians, refer to the Configuring Technicians and Configuring Roles sections. Moreover, new technicians joining the organization can browse through these recorded solutions to have an idea of the frequently resolved problems.


    You can access the approved solutions even without logging in to the application, but will be able to view only those solutions that are published in the Self Service Portal. To access the knowledge base directly without having to login to the application, type the URL provided below in the address bar of the browser:

    http://<server name>:<port number>/sd/ where, the <server name> is the name of the server where ServiceDesk Plus MSP is installed and <port number> is the port where the application is running.

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