From enabling cross-functional service processes, to streamlining complex IT environments, service delivery teams are at the forefront and help businesses realize their goals. Naturally, there's a constant need to improve processes and technologies to uplift service delivery to the ideal point of efficiency. However, existing KPIs don't go beyond the numbers, shrouding critical perspectives from service delivery teams.

That's why IT service teams, in their quest for service delivery excellence, must assess their current service maturity to unveil crucial insights. Built on our experience, The service delivery excellence matrix outlines a self-evaluation framework based on two key factors: service delivery ideation, and tech-adoption and implementation. This empowers service teams to gauge their service maturity in-depth and chart their path ahead.

IT service delivery excellence matrix

Key takeaways from this e-book:

  • Comprehending the two essential factors of service delivery excellence: service delivery ideation, and tech adoption
    and implementation.
  • Deconstructing real-life service scenarios across the three service maturities: basic, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Actionable strategies for teams to propel their service management forward.
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