In this first episode, we'll explore how IT service desk teams can save time and effort by creating customizable templates to handle various ITSM practices including incidents, service requests, problems, changes, projects, and releases. We'll also talk about using simple, no-code techniques like field and form rules to make the templates dynamic and to streamline information collection from different stakeholders.

In this episode, we'll walk you through the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

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To make an incident or service template available to requesters, you need to select the Show to Requester option on the Technician tab when creating the template. To learn more, see the Incident Template and Service Template help articles.

The Workflow and Field and Form Rules tabs will be available as soon as a template is saved after configuring the necessary details in the Technician tab. The Requester tab will be shown only if the Show to Requester option is enabled within the Technician tab. To learn more about these configurations, see the Incident Template and Service Template help articles.

Yes, it is possible through query reports. Please write to for further assistance.

Currently, this can be achieved using scripts. Please write to for further assistance.

These templates are available as part of the respective modules and they are available out of the box in the Enterprise edition. For other editions, you must purchase the necessary add-ons. If you already have the necessary modules enabled but you cannot access the respective templates, please contact your administrator for the required permissions. For sales queries, please write to

Please write an email to with your questions. Meanwhile, you can also check out our knowledge base on Problem Management.

Please write to

Please write to

When ServiceDesk Plus is synced with Active Directory, deleting a user in the Active Directory removes the user from ServiceDesk Plus. You can also manually delete users who have left your organization from ServiceDesk Plus. To learn more about user management in ServiceDesk Plus, click here.

Yes, when configuring a task template, you can select a technician of your choice as the task owner. To learn more about configuring task templates, click here.

Yes, solutions can be copied to the Resolution section of individual requests. To do this, go to Resolution > Solutions from the request details page. To learn more, click here.

The Business Service category defines services delivered to all end users within an organization. Eg: delivery of financial services to the customers of a bank, creating a new account, etc.

The IT Service category's audience are generally internal IT staff and IT management team. It defines the IT components necessary to support the provisioning of services to end users, e.g., hosting, network backup, security, etc

Yes, you can configure different SLAs for different support groups for incident requests. To do this, you need to add the Group field to the criteria when configuring SLAs. To learn more about configuring SLAs, click here.

Yes, checklists can be mandated using selecting the Associated checklists should be verified option in request closure rules. To learn more about configuring request closure rules, click here.

Please write your requirements to

We need more information to assist you with this query. Please write to for further assistance.

Resource questions are available for the Service Catalog in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud application as well. However, you cannot configure resource questions globally for service request templates. The resource questions are created and grouped into sections specific to each template from the Add/Edit Service Template page.

Refer to the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud admin guide to learn more.

You can customize the resource questions to enter the quantity using plain text fields or check box fields.

Yes, an email notification will be sent if the editor has an email address configured in the application. Else, only a bell notification will be sent to the editor.

You can configure the notifications to be sent from Admin > Automation > Notification Rules.

The Form Rules UI is different across ServiceDesk Plus On-premises and Cloud but the functionality of the Form Rules are similar in both the applications.

  • Save - Used while making modifications only on the current page of the Add/Edit Template form.
  • Save and Configure Workflow - Used to avoid multiple clicks within the page. After customizing the template form it redirects automatically to the Workflow tab where you can continue adding approval configurations or tasks.

The version being demonstrated is ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise edition, version 13008.

Assets associated with the user will be auto-assigned to the request. However, you cannot associate an asset from the Assets tab to a user from a request. You can manually assign the asset by changing the asset state.

Currently, checklists are not available in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

We can create multiple child requests automatically from an initial parent request. Kindly reach out to for further details on the same.

Kindly reach out to for further details on the same.

We have a threshold limit for the total number of additional fields to be created across templates. Kindly reach out to to increase the threshold. We will also share a query to get more information on the fields in use.

Refer to the admin guide for information on survey templates.

Technicians handling assets can assign owners for existing assets by changing the asset state to In Use and add relationship from Asset module.

Use the following info to invoke request details:

URL : api/v3/requests/metainfo

Method : GET

API Call : input_data={
"template": {
"id": Enter template ID

After the request details are fetched, you can find the UDF field name resource questions under the "resources" key.

  • If the approver is a technician, you can enable Edit Requests permission for their role from Admin > Users & Permissions > Roles.
  • If the approver is a technician, you can allow them to edit a request only if they are configured as the Editor.

Digital signatures feature is in development. We have added it as a feature requirement in the product with ID SDF-33164. Currently, you can add additional fields to record response from users/technicians.

Yes, you can checkout our schedule for the upcoming sessions here.

In the change workflow, you can select CABs as change approvers while adding an approval node. Change requests created from templates associated to the change workflow will automatically contain the CAB team as the change approver.

Yes, radio button additional fields can be added to request templates.

Users must be able to login into the application and access the forms we create. For logged in users, Field and Form Rules can be used to hide fields from the request templates.

Yes, we can have the same task as a parent for multiple tasks.

We do not have a direct option to add the request URL into a task template. Please share your requirement with a use case scenario as an email to We will check and assist you with the possibilities.

Service Catalog is available in the Enterprise edition by default. For Standard or Professional editions, it needs to be purchased as an add-on.

For more details on the edition comparison, please refer to the below link.

Yes, we can generate reports with the resources.

We can configure email notifications both ways.

The Line Manager is a person who authorizes the initial level of acceptance of a new change request.

You can configure the Line Manager as the implementer if it suits your business needs.

We can assign the Change Manager role to the person who has full authority over the change.

No, there is no limit on the number of templates that can be created in ServiceDesk Plus.

Please share the reporting requirement as an email to We will assist you on the possible options to generate the report.

The Project module will look the same to requesters, but they may not have the entire access as it depends on their project role.

After you add the resources under the Technician view, save the template and the requesters will be able to see them when they create a request with the service request template.

You can also access the below URL to access our demo site and log in as a user to go through the templates and see how the resources appear.

There is no limit on the number of resource questions that can be created in ServiceDesk Plus.

You can access the community in the ServiceDesk Plus application from the Community tab.

Alternatively, you can go to the ServiceDesk Plus website. Under Support > Forums, you will fine the ServiceDesk Plus community.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.

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