Vulnerability Manager Plus vs Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus brings together all the capabilities of vulnerability management under one package- right from assessment of vulnerabilities to patching them, from managing security configurations of network endpoints to hardening internet facing web servers- from a centralized console.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus is an exclusive tool for automating, customizing and streamlining the entire patching process. Best suited for IT administrators who are looking out for a stand-alone patch management solution.

This document provides a feature wise high level comparison between ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus(PMP) and Vulnerability Manager Plus(VMP).

Feature-wise Comparison:

Patch Manager Plus Vulnerability Manager Plus

Windows, Mac and Linux patching

All features of Patch Manager Plus +

Third-party patching

Vulnerability assessment

Automated patch management

Security Configuration Management

Customizable patch deployment policies

Post deployment warnings to safely deploy security configurations without affecting network operations

Decline patches to selective groups

High-risk software audit

Test and approve patches

Zero-day vulnerability mitigation

Disable auto updates

Web server hardening

System health policy

Executive reports

Patch summary dashboards

Vulnerability trend graph

Pre-defined reports

Granular view of individual system security

Schedule reboot and wake-on LAN options

Multiple holistic dashboards

Advantages of Vulnerability Manager Plus over Patch Manager Plus

With the number of vulnerabilities increasing year after year, organizations have to implement a strategic approach for managing vulnerabilities. Enterprises need to adopt a smart patching technique by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on various risk factors, because not all vulnerabilities pose equal threat to an organization.

Therefore, vulnerability assessment has to be used in conjunction with patch management for timely risk reduction. Besides, software vulnerabilities aren't the only loopholes that need to be taken care of. Attackers are evolving with their approach in carrying out exploits.Vulnerability Manager Plus, besides encompassing all the features of Patch Manager Plus, reduces your attack surface considerably by helping you

  • Manage security configurations such as password policies, authentication loopholes, memory protection, legacy protocols, browser settings, share permissions, etc.
  • Harden and secure web servers by modifying the configuration files, managing SSL certificates, and restricting server root directory access.
  • Mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities without waiting for a patch.
  • Audit end-of-life software that doesn't receive security updates from the vendor.
  • Eliminate unauthorized software such as peer-to-peer software and remote desktop sharing software from your network.

Therefore, organizations that are in need for a comprehensive vulnerability management solution to improve their cyber hygiene and stay ahead of attackers should opt for Vulnerability Manager Plus. Administrators who need to save time and effort by simplifying their day-to-day patching tasks will find Patch Manager Plus to be a perfect fit for their organization.

Note: Windows, Mac and Linux are supported for only patch management module in Vulnerability Manager Plus. However, other features of Vulnerability Manager Plus are applicable only for Windows based systems.