Need for vulnerability assessment

The Vulnerability-free environment is a myth. With the constant addition of new software and systems to the multitude, it's impossible to get rid of vulnerabilities in your network completely. It is true that the attackers always look for a weak chain in the defense to breach your network. Therefore, it is important to analyse which vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited, prioritize and mitigate them before an attacker gets his hands on them. A Vulnerability assessment tool should act as a strategic partner to your security teams and provide them with the knowledge required to assess vulnerabilities from an attacker's perspective.
With Vulnerability Manager Plus, you can achieve a top-notch software vulnerability assessment with the risk background necessary to understand threat impact and react accordingly.

Attacker based analytical approach

Conduct vulnerability assessment like an attacker, identify real risks from a plethora of vulnerabilities spread across your network and take necessary steps to improve your security posture.

Automatically scan and discover assets

Vulnerability Manager Plus automatically scans your Active directory domains and workgroups, and discovers both on-premise and remote assets. You can track all devices such as servers, workstations, laptops, virtual machines and even roaming devices that are constantly on the move from a centralized console. You can also gain details such as IP addresses, OSs, software and it's versions of each device on your network.

Detect vulnerabilities in real-time

Vulnerabilities in Windows, and third party applications like Adobe, Java, chrome, etc running on Windows platform will be detected as soon as you start managing the systems through Vulnerability Manager Plus. Moreover, Vulnerability Manager Plus constantly monitors software, firmware, OSes, applications and device drivers across a heterogeneous network and keeps you aware of emerging vulnerabilities.

Analyse exploitability and the level of impact

Not all vulnerabilities pose equal risk to an organization. With Vulnerability Manager Plus you can,

  • Isolate and identify vulnerabilities based on severity levels to understand its threat impact.
  • Find out whether an exploit code for a vulnerability is disclosed to the public.
  • Verify the availability of patches for vulnerabilities.
  • Get insights such as vulnerability trend in your network from vulnerabilities over time graph and criticality of the systems based on vulnerabilities count and severity from system health graph.
  • Gain a consolidated view of vulnerability's age and severity from vulnerability age matrix module.
  • Get real-time information on highly critical 20 vulnerabilities in your network.

Manage vulnerabilities and eliminate threats

Vulnerability Manager Plus guides you with the right approach to manage vulnerabilities. It empowers you with a separate patch management module to handle every aspect of patching process to eliminate vulnerabilities. Not all software vulnerabilities can be addressed by patches. For Zero-day vulnerabilities, and end-of-life software, where updates are not available, Vulnerability Manager Plus provides alternate methods to mitigate exploits.

Having Vulnerability Manager Plus in your enterprise ensures that you analyse software vulnerabilities accurately and take necessary steps in mitigating them.