Free WiFi Monitoring App — Documents

The ManageEngine free WiFi Monitor Android App (beta) helps monitor and analyze the properties of the WiFi networks in the most effective way by using graphs. Using this app, optimal signals with least channel interference and maximum quality can be identified. The app can generate survey reports of the WiFi networks at various points of your environment.

About the App

WiFi Monitor Plus is the free Android App from ManageEngine, which helps you monitor your WiFi signals on-the-go!

The App has two modes :

  • Analyzer
  • Surveyor


The Analyzer mode lets you analyse the WiFi signals received right where you are. It shows various graphs depicting WiFi signals and shows certain analysis details like Channel Interference. By default the scan is on from the moment the app is installed on the device. It keeps scanning the environment for WiFi networks and displays the details of each network.

It has four tabs :

  • Channel graph -Know the WiFi Signal received, the channels on which they are received and their signal strength.
  • Channel interference -Diagnose the interefering channels from this graph.
  • Signal graph -Identify the strongest signal in your proximity from this graph.
  • WiFi scan -Get a list of all the available WiFi networks.

In the tabs ‘Channel Graph’, ‘Channel Interference’ and ‘Signal Graph’, the WiFi signals are being fetched and analysed on a periodic basis, and the graphs are refreshed automatically.

Options in Analyzer

  • WiFi range - This lets you choose between the WiFi ranges 2.4GHz and 5GHz. When a specific range is chosen, only signals in that range are shown in the graph.
  • Show details - The ‘Show Details’ option displays more details about each WiFi signal.
  • Signals shown 'All/Best signals' - ‘Best’ is chosen by default. This will show the best signal received, for each SSID. When ‘All’ is chosen, it shows all signals received, for each SSID.
  • Exporting the graph - This feature lets you export the graphs giving you a snapshot of the WiFi signals’ scenario at that point in time. You can save the graph as an image to your device’s Image Gallery, or email it, or even upload it to Dropbox.
  • Turning the scan On/Off - This option lets you freeze your graph and analyze your networks undisturbed.


Want to head onto Site Surveys of your building and generate reports? Survey your environment to know the performance of the WiFi networks at various points in terms of signal strength, channel interference etc., Get onto the Surveyor mode, load your floor plan and start surveying!

Steps to survey your building:

  1. Load the floor plan
  2. Begin the survey
  3. While in the survey
  4. Exporting survey result
  5. Survey reports

Load the floor plan

A sample floor plan gets added by default when you start surveying. To add more plans, click on the "add plan" button at the top right side of the surveyor screen. It gives an option to load floor plans from your device’s Gallery, from Dropbox or use the sample floor plan that goes out-of-the-box with the App.

Valid File Types: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Max Image Size: 5MB

Begin the survey

Now the surveyor mode is populated with the floor plans that were loaded. You can now begin the Survey by pressing the ‘Begin Survey’ option in the specific floor plan.

While in the survey

Once you press the ‘Begin Survey’ option, the floor plan is loaded and is ready. Go to the specific location (say, a conference room), locate the same in the floor plan and do a long press. You’ll hear a brief sound and vibration (vibration isn’t available in certain device models though), to indicate that the WiFi signals’ data have been recorded in that location. Now, you can walk to the next location where you want to record the WiFi signals. Do a long press to record the signals there. Repeat this throughout your floor. After the survey is done, click on ‘End Survey’ to end the survey and generate reports. You can resume the survey later and pause it for now by pressing the back button in the device. In such a case, the details recorded so far will be saved and re-loaded when you resume the survey later.

Exporting survey result

The Survey Result can be exported as Heatmap or Signal Strength Report. The heatmap report displays the network coverage of the access points along with the signal strength. The report can be emailed, saved to Dropbox or to the Gallery on your device.

Survey reports

You can view the last ten Surveys’ reports by pressing the ‘Reports’ option for the specific floor plan in the page listing the floor plans.