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Google Cloud Platform log management

Google Cloud Platform offers a range of services for organizations to host their applications and data on the cloud, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions. With this platform, you can create and manage virtual machines, build web applications, manage device clusters, store data, and a lot more. Since the platform contains business-critical applications and data, closely monitoring it is crucial.

Cloud Security Plus can simplify monitoring for you with a range of predefined, comprehensive reports on network security, VPC activity, network services, hybrid connectivity, cloud functions, and App Engine. These reports can help you granularly track every activity in Google Cloud Platform.

Log collection

Google Cloud Platform logs hold vital insights on all events that take place within your environment. Cloud Security Plus collects logs using gRPC calls, analyzes these logs, and presents this data in the form of reports.

Actionable data

Predefined reports give you deep insights on user activity, identity and access management, network security, cloud functions, GCP resource management, and more. These reports enable you to monitor every activity in your environment.


Cloud Security Plus' powerful search engine can discover fields within logs, and generate the desired output. Cloud Security Plus supports wildcard, boolean, phrase, range, and grouped searches.


In case any possible threat is detected in your environment, a set of predefined and configurable alerts will be automatically triggered to help mitigate the threat; these alerts will be sent via email. Alerts can also be categorized based on severity so that security administrators can prioritize and act on the most critical alerts first.

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