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DataSecurity Plus capabilities
Free edition Try now The edition with limited capabilities. Once the trial period for the Professional edition is over, without a valid license your instance will default to the Free edition.
Professional edition Try now The fully-functional edition of DataSecurity Plus.

File auditing

Audit and report on file accesses and modifications, with real-time alerts and automated responses for critical file activities.

Not supported. Only retains audit data from the evaluation period.

Pricing starts at

$745 for 2 windows servers.

$595 for 1 CIFS server.

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File access auditing

Report on all file accesses and modifications with detailed information on who did what, when, and from where.


Who and where details will be unavailable.


File copy auditing

Track file copy-and-paste activities across both local and shared files and folders.


File integrity monitoring

Detect and respond to high-risk and suspicious file changes that could be indicative of security threats.


File change notifier

Trigger instant notifications upon sudden spikes in critical file activities like SACL, owner, or permission changes, file deletions, etc.


Privileged user monitoring

Use custom reports to track file activities by administrators, privileged user accounts, and AD groups.


Ransomware detection and response

Detect and disrupt potential ransomware attacks instantly with our automated threat response mechanism.


Access pattern analysis

Gain insights into the most accessed files, most active users, most used processes, etc., by analyzing access patterns over time.


Compliance-ready reporting

Use the multiple audit-ready reports to satisfy requirements mandated by regulatory standards like GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.


Forensic analysis

Use actionable, accurate audit data to track and identify the root cause of security incidents involving file misuse.


Yes, using audit data from evaluation period.


File analysis

Analyze disk space usage, manage junk data, identify at-risk data, and analyze file permissions by analyzing file security and storage parameters.

Supported scanned data size - 500GB

Pricing starts at

$95 for 1TB of scanned data.

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Disk space usage analysis

Track data growth trends and employees' disk usage patterns to find users who consume most of your storage space.


File status reporting

Generate reports on files open currently, empty folders, active junction points, hidden files, active sessions, etc.


File ownership analysis

Cross-analyze the riskiness of the files containing sensitive data with their owner details to identify high risk users, alarming data trends, and much more.


Critically low storage space notifier

Trigger email alerts when free space within the storage drives falls below preconfigured values.


Security permission reporting

Generate on-the-fly reports and find high-privileged users, effective permissions, and NTFS permissions over files and folders.


ROT or junk data analysis

Find and manage redundant, obsolete, and trivial data in your data stores to reclaim wasted storage space.


Duplicate file management

Find duplicate files by comparing their meta data, preview all copies, and deleted unnecessary instances from the UI.


Orphaned file discovery

Find the list of all files and folders owned by inactive, disabled, or deleted users.


Inactive file detection

Identify and analyze files that are old, stale, unmodified, hidden, etc.


File permission hygiene diagnosis

List files and folders with broken permission inheritances and excessive access rights (such as Full Control).


Ransomware-corrupted file management

Locate and delete files infected by ransomware using the pre-built library of known ransomware file types.


Data risk assessment

Discover and classify files containing sensitive data such as PII, PCI, and ePHI by combining content inspection and contextual analysis.

Supported scanned data size - 100 GB

Pricing starts at $395

for 2TB of scanned data.

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Sensitive data discovery

Find all instances of sensitive data in your data repositories by matching with key phrases or regular expression patterns.


Automated data classification

Classify files based on their sensitivity and vulnerability into custom parent and child labels created per your organization's requirements.


Sensitive data analysis

Categorize and analyze files containing sensitive data by their owners, file type, source type, policies, and rules.


User risk score calculation

Assign a risk score to all users by analyzing the sensitivity and vulnerability of the content owned by them.


Built-in data discovery policies and rules

Use built-in, compliance-specific rules and policies to find data governed by regulatory standards like the GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.


Data ownership analysis and notifier

Use instant email notifications to alert data owners of the presence of vulnerable, sensitive data owned by them.


Sensitive data confidence level estimator

Use the confidence level filters—i.e. high, medium, and low—to indicate the reliability of the sensitive data instances.


File type recognition

Scan sensitive content from over 50 file types, including email, text, compressed, and more.


Data leak prevention

Detect and disrupt data leaks via USBs, email, web applications, and printers through real-time endpoint file activity monitoring.

Supported number of workstations: 50

Pricing starts at $345

for 100 workstations.

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Content-aware protection

Use file classification labels to secure files containing sensitive data across: Distributed machines: laptops and desktops Applications: Outlook Removable storage: USB, SD cards, etc. Virtual desktops: Citrix, VMWare (provided the OS installed is Windows 2003 or above). Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Others: Printer, clipboard, fax, network shares, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth adapters.


Endpoint security monitoring

Detect file access and data transfer anomalies in endpoints to ensure file integrity.


File copy protection

Stop data theft attempts by restricting the use of clipboards, which blocks file copy actions across network shares, local files, and USBs.


Application control

Track the use of applications and restrict the use of suspicious and high-risk executables by adding them to blocklists.


External device control

Limit various functionalities within USB devices by denying read, write, and execute access.


USB blocking

Regulate the use of removable storage media by adding high-risk and unvetted USB devices to the blocklist.


Email attachment data leak protection

Instantly detect and block emails (Outlook) containing classified files as attachments from being sent.


Printer auditing

Monitor local print server usage and generate reports with details on who printed what and when.


Web browser auditing

Analyze potential file uploads and downloads by tracking all file activities initiated by web browser processes.


Removable storage auditing

Generate detailed reports on all USB file actions and track file transfers with details on who did what, from where, via which device, etc.


Manual data classification

Admins and data owners can tag sensitive files with predefined labels such as Public, Private, Confidential, or Restricted.


Incident response policies

Respond to security events detected by quarantining infected devices, disabling rogue user accounts, moving vulnerable files to secure locations, etc.


End-user education and awareness

Use on-screen pop-up messages to inform or warn employees regarding unsafe file transfer actions that could result in data leakage.


Cloud protection (Free Data Leak Prevention module add-on)

Track your organization's web traffic, scrutinize the use of shadow apps, and enforce policies to block inappropriate and malicious cloud applications.

Supported number of gateway servers: 2

20 gateway servers can be added with a registered Data leak Prevention license.

Cloud application discovery

Audit your organization's web traffic and gain insights into the cloud apps in use, their reputation, app category, etc.


Content and URL filtering

Block your employees from accessing malware-infested and productivity-draining cloud applications.


Shadow web app discovery

Closely track the use of shadow web apps—i.e. un-vetted web services—to find the top actors who access them and analyze the risk posed by these services.


Low-reputed cloud app analysis

Find and scrutinize the use of unreliable and high-risk cloud applications by analyzing their history, age, underlying URLs, etc.


Deep packet inspection

Inspect your network traffic by reading through the contents of your encrypted data packets.


File upload monitoring

Report on upload requests made across SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Box, and DropBox, as well as Zoho applications like Cliq, WorkDrive, Sheet, Writer, Projects, and more.


Web request tracking

List both successful and failed plain HTTP requests made.


* The features and capabilities of the Free edition are subject to change and may be revised by DataSecurity Plus at any time.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is an evaluation license available for DataSecurity Plus? How do I get one?

Yes. You can evaluate DataSecurity Plus using our Professional edition for 30 days. After the evaluation period, if no license is purchased, DataSecurity Plus will default to the Free edition, which has limited capabilities. Fill in this form, and we will share your evaluation license right away. Feel free to contact our support team if you need to extend the duration of your evaluation license.

2. What happens at the end of the evaluation period?

The audit data and configuration setup will remain intact at the end of your evaluation period. However, DataSecurity Plus' functionalities will be limited to those available with the Free edition. To move back to the fully-functional version, purchase the required licenses from the online store.

3. Are there any limitations in the evaluation version?

The limitations for the various modules within DataSecurity Plus during its evaluation period are listed below.
DataSecurity Plus module Limitations during the evaluation period
File Audit 5 file servers
File Analysis 5TB scanned data
Risk Analysis 500GB scanned data
Data Leak Prevention 200 workstations
Cloud Protection 10 gateway servers

4. How are DataSecurity Plus' modules priced?

Check our pricing page for details on how DataSecurity Plus' modules are priced. Fill out this form to get a pricing quote customized to your needs.

5. What if I have a question not listed here?

No problem! Just fill out this form with as much information as possible, and we'll contact you shortly. Queries

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