Receive key insights on NTFS and share permissions.


    File permission analysis.

    View insights on file and folder permissions with the file server permissions analyzer. 


    Privileged user monitoring.

    Identify privileged users in your environment, and closely monitor their activities.


    Effective permissions reporting.

    Generate reports on users' effective permissions to critical folders.

What you can do with the file permissions explorer.

Gain visibility into file permissions.

  • Monitor privileged users.

    Mitigate the risk of privilege abuse and safeguard business-sensitive data by identifying privileged users and tracking their activities.

    Monitor privileged users
  • Analyze effective permissions.

    Avoid hefty penalties for non-compliance by viewing effective permissions and checking if the principle of least privilege is maintained.

    Analyze effective permissions
  • Find files owned by users

    Easily keep track of employees' file ownership across enterprise storage with reports on the number, size, and location of files owned by each user.

    Find files owned by users
Monitor privileged users
Analyze effective permissions
Find files owned by users
Spot overexposed files
Locate permission inconsistencies
Know which files need attention

Identify security vulnerabilities.

  • Spot overexposed files.

    Prevent accidental leak of data by identifying overexposed files (files shared across your domain that provide full control access to users or groups) and their owners.

    Spot overexposed files
  • Locate permission inconsistencies.

    Continuously scan for and spot instances of broken or improperly inherited Windows folder permissions across your domain.

    Locate permission inconsistencies
  • Know which files need attention.

    Quickly locate files that require immediate attention, such as orphaned files and active files owned by stale, disabled, or inactive users.

    Know which files need attention

Identify security issues faster with DataSecurity Plus' permission analyzer.

Analyze file ownership, spot broken inheritances, and locate overexposed data easily.

  • Domain-wide permissions analysisdomain wide permissions analysis
  • Detailed permission audit reportsdetailed permission audit reports
  • Privileged user monitoringprivileged user monitoring
  • Effective permissions reportingeffective permissions reporting
Ensure data availability. 

Easily locate active files owned by stale or deleted users. Purge them, or transfer ownership based on their business value.

Check permission hygiene.

Spot permission hygiene issues, such as files allowing unrestricted access to users and instances of broken permission inheritances.

Monitor file ownership.

Find files owned by a specific user, and receive insights on users owning the largest number of files and folders.

domain wide permissions analysis
List current permissions.

Generate instant and accurate reports listing permissions assigned to local and shared files and folders.

detailed permission audit reports
Unrestricted, but not unseen.

Identify users with privileged access to sensitive files, and keep a close eye on their file activities.

privileged user monitoring
Ensure least privilege.

Receive reports on users' effective permissions to shared folders, and check if the principle of least privilege is maintained.

effective permissions reporting

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