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Global digital consumers are riding the digitilization wave at a dizzying rate. Organizations are scaling their network infrastructure to perform at their optimum usage levels, 24/7. Your application infrastructure must be monitored continuously in order to deliver a seamless experience to your user. A simple application diagnosis can provide you with details regarding application behavior, but is that sufficient?

Improving end user experience is a decisive and strategic part of digital transformation. A simple application diagnosis will not suffice, since there is a huge amount of data to analyze. Infrastructure and operations leaders use a process called digital experience monitoring (DEM) to analyze and optimize end user behavior, business transactions, and the customer journey. DEM has become a critical part of application monitoring, helping to proactively monitor the experience of your target audience as they navigate through your applications. It is essential to gauge how your applications are performing against industry benchmarks and come up with the strategies to deliver maximum performance.

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Digital experience: Digital experience refers to the multi-faceted personalized interaction that takes place between a business organization and its customer. The aim of accentuating the digital experience is to bridge the chasm between the organization and the customer. The better the digital experience, the better the user engagement, and the better the business growth.

IT resilience: The ability of an application to return back to its optimal working condition when encountered with a significant error. Modern applications are built to withstand such events and also auto recover from them.

DEM: Gartner® defines digital experience monitoring, or DEM, as “an availability and performance monitoring discipline that supports the optimization of the operational experience and behavior of a digital agent, human or machine, as it interacts with enterprise applications and services.”

Business IT resilience:The ability of a business organization to adapt to the direction of change without affecting its network operation is known as business IT resilience. The changes can range from issues of cybersecurity to cloud migration.

What is the role of observability in the digital experience monitoring space?

DEM provides complete end-to-end visualization regarding the behavior of your application. This is crucial from a business perspective since application issues can affect customers in first hand and leave them dissatisfied. DEM lets you identify anomalies that affect the application UI such as prolonged page loading time, faulty URLs, KPIs of websites, along with all the other technologies it's dependent on. By measuring the end-user experience across various geographies, you can ensure seamless user experience. So, where does observability come into play?

Observability is the evolved state of traditional monitoring, with the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helps to compile useful data solely from the legacy information collected using practical monitoring tools. This data collection comes with the added advantage of detecting the patterns and trends that may cause the problems mentioned above. Apart from mere detection, the concept of AIOps helps dig down into the root cause of the problem (root cause analysis) to bring a quick resolution before any issue reaches the end user.

Harnessing the benefits of a resilient IT business structure

The ability of a business enterprise to emerge from a problem unscathed will directly affect its revenue and profits. This is the core concept of a resilient business strategy. The switch to a resilient IT business structure is led from the front by widely-popular microservices. But this transition comes with an extra burden of monitoring the aggregator software that forms the basis of your application. The only way to proactively monitor the scaling of resources in microservices is by employing the concept of observability.

Observability takes charge of providing a consistent customer experience by initiating a chain of events spurred by the attributes of control theory. Observability works in the background without producing any visible changes, but has a pronounced effect on the way networks work continuously and without any glitch. This translates into a resilient network business environment where configurations of the network can be altered according to the changing requirements.

OpManager Plus: Your all in one observability solution

OpManager Plus gives you the ease of an IT operations management solution with the added advantages of complete application monitoring. An observability solution will enable teams to take efficient actions with the collected information (e.g. telemetry). This will help developers connect with the processes and technology that lay the foundation of any given application. With OpManager Plus, the pragmatic observability solution, you will:

  1. Have complete control over your revenue critical applications and ensure they meet end user expectations. Observe the health and performance of your critical cloud infrastructure and cloud hosted applications with precision. Learn more
  2. Build DEM strategies that, according to your application specifications, diagnose business critical metrics. Learn more
  3. Track the performance and behavior with critical logs of your websites and web applications from varied geographies. Ensure seamless end-user experience by monitoring front-end performance of applications with the help of Real User Monitoring capabilities. Learn more
  4. Provide your DevOps teams the scope to find and fix user problems before they affect the end user.
  5. Simulate critical user paths on your website and analyze web application behavior with the help of synthetic transaction monitoring. Learn more
  6. Automate instrumentation and functionalities in your application or IT infrastructure with workflows. Learn more

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