Meet the attacker, Mr. Gene.

Mr. Gene is a fanatical teddy bear collector. He requires Golden Ted to complete his teddy bear collection and is obsessed with adding it to his plush toy showcase! It is no where to be found, except in one place—the digital fortress.

We will take you through the journey of Mr. Gene's quest to steal the Golden Ted from the digital fortress, and also learn his modus operandi.

Walk with us

as we trace Mr. Gene's steps to understand the various tactics and techniques involved in a cyberattack (classified based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework).

Let's go!

Just like Mr. Gene, there are numerous predators in cyberspace looking to compromise your digital fortress (network) to sneak away with your Golden Ted (critical data).

Mitre Att&ck

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cyberattacks and techniques to defend your organization

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