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Migrate devices from other MDM vendors

If you're looking to switch between MDM solutions, we've got you covered. ManageEngine's Mobile Device Manager Plus is an MDM solution that supports managing Apple, Android, Windows and Chrome devices. It offers a wide range of features to ensure that your organization's data is secured. From basic functionality restrictions to advanced management capabilities, you can be rest assured that your corporate and BYOD mobile devices are managed efficiently over-the-air. To migrate devices from your current MDM to Mobile Device Manager Plus, your current MDM vendor needs to support certain APIs.

Supported Vendors

  • Cisco Meraki
  • IBM MaaS360
  • VMWare AirWatch
  • Ivanti MobileIron

To migrate devices from any other MDM vendors apart from the ones specified above, contact support. We will confirm the possibility of migration depending on the API' availability of your current MDM vendor.

Overview of Onboarding methods, conditions, device types.

This table is applicable only when you are migrating devices from another MDM vendor, to Mobile Device Manager Plus or Endpoint Central. It summarizes the types of devices that can be migrated, with or without data loss (factory reset).

Device Type Migration without a factory reset Enrollment method(s) to use
Supervised iOS devices Enrollment using Apple Business Manager or Apple Configurator.(or) Enrollment using a 'Web Shortcut' provided by Mobile Device Manager Plus.*
Unsupervised iOS devices Enrollment using invites or Self Enrollment (or) Enrollment using a 'Web Shortcut' provided by Mobile Device Manager Plus.
Corporate Samsung devices Onboarding via a custom APK(supported for Android 10 and below). Custom APK needs to be collected from support. (or) Factory reset the devices and enroll them using Knox enrollment.
Corporate Non-Samsung devices Factory reset the devices and enroll them using any of these methods:
  1. EMM token enrollment (QR code enrollment)
  2. Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE)
  3. Android Debug Bridge enrollment
COPE/BYOD Samsung devices Enrollment using invites or Self Enrollment
COPE/BYOD Non- Samsung devices Enrollment using invites or Self Enrollment


  • If you are migrating from another MDM vendor's solution, and want more information on how to save existing data and begin managing devices with Mobile Device Manager Plus, contact support.
  • If you choose to migrate your Apple devices by distributing the WebShortcut as mentioned, users will be able to remove the MDM management profile.


Steps to migrate Apple devices

  1. Contact support to obtain the iOS Migration Profile Web Clip URL.
  2. Once you've received the Web Clip URL from our support team, create a Web Clip profile on your existing MDM and distribute it to test devices.
  3. Once the profile is successfully distributed to the devices, a Web shortcut labelled 'MDM Migration' will be automatically available on the device(s).
  4. The user must open this Web shortcut and click on Begin.
  5. This will remove the existing MDM profile from the device, and will initiate the download of Mobile Device Manager Plus' management profile.

Steps to migrate Android devices

Migrating Samsung devices (Migration without a factory reset)

Only Samsung devices can be migrated without factory resetting. Follow the steps given below, to migrate Samsung devices into Mobile Device Manager Plus:

  1. Using your current MDM solution, distribute the ME MDM app to the devices which are to be migrated.
  2. Once the app is installed, open the ME MDM app and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll the devices with Mobile Device Manager Plus.
  3. Verify if all the devices are available in Mobile Device Manager Plus server and remove the devices from your existing MDM solution. Assign users to the devices and continue managing devices using the MDM server.


      • When Samsung devices are enrolled using the above method, device locations under Inventory > Geo-tracking cannot be saved every 100m.
      • For devices running Android 7.0 or below, Play Store apps cannot be silently installed.

      Steps to migrate Non-Samsung devices

      Migration after factory resetting devices:

      If you want to provision corporate Samsung devices as Device Owner (Full device management)and you are willing to factory reset the devices, you can enroll the compatible devices by using any of the enrollment methods given below:

      For devices owned by employees or devices given by an organization for personal use, you can enroll these devices by sending an enrollment invite or by using the Self Enrollment URL. For both of these methods, you do not need to reset the device or delete any data. While creating the Work Profile on the device, the users will be prompted to remove the existing Work Profile created by your previous MDM.

      After the existing profile is removed, a new MDM Profile will be added on the devices, and the devices will be managed by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

      Points to note after device migration

      These are applicable only after the migration process is successfully completed

      • To integrate Mobile Device Manager Plus with Apple Business Manager (ABM), you need to create a new location token in your destination server, and then click on Sync Apps. This location token needs to be created as a duplicate of your existing Apple Business Manager account.
      • To configure Managed Google Play, remove your Google account from the previous MDM and configure it with Mobile Device Manager Plus. The same process applies if you have set up Managed Google Play using a Google Workspace account. (Remove the existing Workspace account and add it to the MDMP console)
      • Although apps cannot be migrated from other MDMs, the organization's location token can be associated with Mobile Device Manager Plus, and the AFW account can be added with MDMP to retrieve apps in use.
      • For Apple devices that have already been enrolled into Apple Business Manager, the previous MDM solution's MDM Profile can removed by the end users. However, the device will remain supervised by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

      Frequently asked questions

      • Do I have to factory reset devices to migrate them to Endpoint Central or Mobile Device Manager Plus?
        It is not mandatory to factory reset your devices in order to migrate them to our product. However, factory resetting the devices will allow you to onboard devices using enrollment methods that provide advanced and complete device management.
      • Is it possible to migrate devices from an MDM vendor that UEMS/MDMP does not support migrating from?
        If you want to migrate devices from any other MDM vendors apart from Airwatch, Cisco Meraki IBM MaaS360 or Ivanti MobileIron, we can help with that as well. Kindly contact support for further assistance on device migration to Mobile Device Manager Plus.
      • If I am unable to completely erase data on the device(s), will I still be able to migrate them to MDMP?

      • Yes. Even devices that have not been factory reset can be migrated to Mobile Device Manager Plus. These devices can be enrolled as Profile Owner/Work Profile devices.
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