Solve client network bandwidth issues with OpManager MSP's NetFlow Analyzer add-on

Ensuring optimal performance, fair allocation of resources, and reinforced security to your client network is important. What might start as a trivial lag issue can result in prolonged downtime, thereby ruining the network's productivity. To eliminate such discrepancies, you need a bandwidth monitoring tool that can provide end-to-end visibility into the clients' network communication and show insights to pinpoint issues in network's quality or quantity. OpManager MSP, aimed at enhancing your multi-client network management, now extends its scope to bandwidth monitoring with the new NetFlow Analyzer add-on.

Why is bandwidth monitoring important

  • Congestion monitoring
    Network congestion can cause various impacts like packet loss, delay, and high loading time when there is not enough bandwidth or when the allocated bandwidth is being used by bandwidth-heavy applications. Bandwidth monitoring will help give you visibility on your clients' networks, so you can see bandwidth usage down to the application and user level. You can know which services are under or overutilized to ensure that the network operates within the thresholds, and manage major potential disruptions.
  • Root cause analysis
    Pinpointing the source of issues can be challenging. Monitoring traffic trends helps with looking back at the issues that have been persisting and helps you figure out the faulty side of your client's network to ensure the right troubleshooting actions are being taken.
  • Threat detection
    Proactively monitoring bandwidth issues can help in identifying the reason behind traffic usage to keep your clients aware of any potential threats. For instance, bandwidth usage from a foreign region accessing your client's network is unusual; spot anomalies like these by tracking down bandwidth usage by IP addresses and geolocation.
  • Capacity planning
    As an MSP, you need to foresee what your clients' networks require, and where it needs improvement. Bandwidth monitoring helps you assess current usage patterns and recommend adjustments to your client in allocating bandwidth to reduce bottlenecks or shortages. You can ensure your high performance standards of your clients' networks and provide efficient services.

How the NetFlow Analyzer add-on helps in performance optimization

OpManager MSP's NetFlow Analyzer add-on provides interface-level bandwidth usage insights to validate the utilization and performance of networks. Additionally, it offers information on users and traffic to help you spot anomalies for security purposes.

Bandwidth and traffic analysis

The NetFlow Analyzer add-on allows you to determine bandwidth usage by users, applications, ports, and protocols to track problematic endpoints. You can monitor your clients' wired or wireless networks, and ensure that any possible congestion issues are prevented. By knowing the top talkers of the network, you can prioritize the applications traffic so that the existing bandwidth is allocated appropriately.

Network forensics

The NetFlow Analyzer add-on's network forensics allows you to pull out raw data reports of your multi-client networks and find different metrics such as conversations, TCP flags, next hop information, etc. Therefore, you will be able to find the root cause of any persisting issues that could have been overlooked. Historical data reports that show information down to nodes can tell you the origin of issues in your clients' networks.

Traffic prioritization

With NetFlow Analyzer add-on, you can shape how your clients' networks should be utilized based on their top priorities. Any specific services or applications can be prioritized with QoS policies, which allows you to add class and policy maps to ensure streamlined performance. You can further evaluate how effective those policies are, with class-based QoS (CBQoS) traffic graphs that display pre-policy and post-policy traffic trend changes.

Threshold-based alerting

Providing your clients with an optimal network performance is crucial, and the NetFlow Analyzer add-on simplifies optimal user experience and anomaly monitoring with alerts. Threshold-based alerts is a feature that helps you configure expected values of traffic types like volume, speed, and utilization along with notification templates to alert you when a threshold is violated.

Traffic pattern analysis

The NetFlow Analyzer add-on's Traffic Pattern Analysis feature helps in setting buffer limits to know when the network deviates from the normal behavior in real time. Backed with AI and ML technologies, no matter how huge your clients' networks are, the reports will be generated in a matter of few minutes, and you can track and respond to anomalies.

Behavior anomaly detection

The NetFlow Analyzer add-on contains a Security module, specifically developed to find traffic irregularities and classify them as suspicious based on predefined algorithms. From suspicious IP addresses to excessive packet transfer to malicious traffic, this module can flag them as an alarm and notify you instantly.

NetFlow reporting

The NetFlow Analyzer add-on's bandwidth usage reporting provides you with insights into clients' network capacity and shows end-to-end traffic trends. You can pull out various reports such as inventory, forecasting and capacity planning reports that point out intricate information on network bandwidth usage. You can find new perspectives to the networks' usages as a whole picture, and identify bottlenecks to prevent possible mishaps.

Activate the NetFlow Analyzer add-on in a single step

Enabling the NetFlow Analyzer add-on is as simple as it can get. You can access it under Inventory > Flow Analysis, and start monitoring and managing your clients networks' bandwidth concerns right away.

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