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Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications for end-to-end automated IT management.

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ADManager Plus integrations

Every organization, over the course of its life, deploys multiple IT applications to meet various IT needs. These applications often operate in silos, catering to specific requirements only. Over a period of time, admins will find it difficult to perform IT management tasks. For holistic IT management, it is prudent to integrate some of the critical applications so that IT management can be done from a single tool. To simplify Active Directory management, ManageEngine now provides integration of its identity and governance and administration solution, that is, ADManager Plus with other important IT applications. In addition to these built-in integrations, ADManager Plus provides REST APIs to integrate with other third-party or in-house applications.

ADManager Plus can be integrated with

  • Human capital management
    (HCM) tools
  • Security information and event
    management (SIEM) applications
  • IT service management
    (ITSM) and help desk tools
  • Databases used by
    HR applications
Integration with

HCM tools

Organizations rely on human capital management (HCM) tools to manage employee details. Integration with popular HCM tools, such as Zoho People, UKG Pro, BambooHR, and Workday makes AD account management easy for administrators and HR managers alike, with complete hands-free user provisioning, management, and deprovisioning.

HCM tools

By integrating ADManager Plus with HCM Applications, administrators can:

  • Automatically create user accounts across various platforms such as AD, Exchange, and Microsoft 365 when new employees are added to the HCM application.
  • Automatically delete or disable user accounts, remove their licenses and more each time a user record is deleted in the HCM application.

HCM applications that can be integrated with ADManager Plus:

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Integration with

SIEM applications

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions make it easy to generate an audit trail of all AD actions, as well as create reports for meeting key industry standards. SIEM software uses log data to identify and prevent potential attacks, and analyze security breaches. ADManager Plus integrates with SIEM applications to automatically send all logs of AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace management operations performed in ADManager Plus to a SIEM tool.

SIEM applications

Integrating ADManager Plus with Syslog servers and SIEM applications makes it easier to:

  • Identify unauthorized creation and modification of user accounts, computers, groups, etc.
  • Detect abnormal modifications made to privileged accounts, security groups, etc.
  • Obtain an audit trail for all AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace management actions performed in the application.
  • Generate reports to meet compliance regulations like the GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and PCI DSS.

SIEM applications that can be integrated with ADManager Plus:

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Integration with

ITSM and help desk applications

ADManager Plus integration with help desk tools assists AD administrators and technicians with carrying out AD management actions without using multiple tools. ADManager Plus currently integrates with ServiceDesk Plus, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and more.

Thanks to these integrations, help desk technicians can:

  • Simultaneously provision user accounts in AD, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Exchange, and Skype for Business using templates.
  • Reset AD users' passwords and perform a variety of management actions all without leaving their help desk console.
ITSM and help desk applications

ITSM and help desk applications that can be integrated with ADManager Plus:

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Integration with

Databases used by HR applications

Most HR applications store employee records in databases that only HR can access. That means IT admins have to rely on HR every time they need to provision, manage, or deprovision accounts in Active Directory. Waiting for CSV files from HR managers can delay the entire user account management process or even introduce data entry errors.

ADManager Plus' integration with databases makes AD account management easy for IT administrators and HR managers alike, with complete hands-free user provisioning, management, and deprovisioning.

ITSM and help desk applications

Benefits of integrating ADManager Plus with HR application databases:

  • Automatically identify new or modified user records in the database, and provision or modify the user account in AD accordingly.
  • Streamline deprovisioning by deleting users in AD, along with their Exchange mailboxes, Microsoft 365 accounts, and more.

Databases that can be integrated with ADManager Plus:

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ADManager Plus REST APIs

A REST API offers a simple, convenient way to integrate applications irrespective of syntax or platform, providing a great deal of flexibility. Using ADManager Plus APIs, administrators can perform the following AD management operations from their in-house application or a third-party application not yet integrated with ADManager Plus:

  • Create user accounts in AD.
  • Reset users passwords.
  • Enable, disable, and unlock AD user accounts.
  • Delete AD users.
  • Search for AD users.
ADManager Plus REST APIs

Hosting ADManager Plus on the cloud

Based on your organization's preferences, you can use ADManager Plus from:


By integrating their applications, organizations can:

Save time and cut costs

When different departments work together to complete routine tasks, like onboarding a new employee, sharing information takes up time and resources. By connecting the applications used by different departments, integration enables teams to automate routine tasks, saving time and effort while cutting costs. For instance, organizations can streamline HR processes by integrating their HR application with an AD management tool that can automate some key HR processes, including user account creation, generating employee-related reports, etc.

Enhance security

Organizations can improve their security information and event management (SIEM) through real-time monitoring of AD logs. Integrating a log-generating application with their monitoring solution can help organizations detect security issues in real time.

Improve user experience and sustain productivity

Quicker resolution of user issues improves user experience as well as decreases idle time thus sustaining productivity.

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