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Endpoint Security and Endpoint Management Software- The Complete User Manual


What is endpoint administration?

Endpoint administration is a comprehensive process that involves securing and managing a plethora of endpoints coupled with tasks like software installation, application management, configurations, tracking and maintenance of both software and hardware. With advanced security features, Endpoint Central provides the best endpoint security framework for administrators who are looking for solutions to manage and secure endpoints effectively in one go.

Features of Endpoint Central

From performing multifarious activities that range from day to day administrative and security activities to providing a varied list of intensive and detailed reports about all the configured processes, Endpoint Central has become synonymous to the unified approach of endpoint security management. It helps administrators to configure, manage and secure endpoints from one single location and offers the right kind of support to sysadmins in better administration of endpoints.

endpoint security management

Here are some of the top services offered by Endpoint Central:

  • Baseline Configurations & Profile Management
  • Software Distribution & Application Management
  • Application Control
  • IT Asset Management & Audit
  • Advanced Remote troubleshooting kit
  • Security Configurations for Mobile Devices
  • Vulnerability Detection & Patch Management
  • Peripheral Device Filtering
  • Browser Security
  • Endpoint DLP
  • Anti-Ransomware

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