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Get-Public Folder Statistics Using PowerShell

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Exchange Online Reports

Public folders can be accessed by every employee in your organization. They are useful when it comes to group sharing and bulk storage. For monitoring Exchange Server and Exchange Online’s public folders, PowerShell offers the Get-PublicFolderStatistics cmdlet. You can use its various parameters to look for specific details. Below are a few Get-PublicFolderStatistics examples.

1. Get-PublicFolderStatistics -Identity "\info org\marketing team" | Format-List

This cmdlet provides all statistics about the marketing team public folder saved under Info org organization. It is necessary to use the Format-list parameter to display the results.

2. Get-PublicFolderItemStatistics -Identity "product\campaign"

The PublicFolderItemStatistics cmdlet provides information about the items within the campaigns public folder like their last modification time, creation time, message size, and their types.

Exchange Reporter Plus way

Exchange Reporter Plus provides granular insights on various public folder statistics. You can schedule the reports to get regular updates and most importantly save the time that unnecessarily goes into tedious PowerShell scripting. Find below the complete list of public folder statistics reports offered by Exchange Reporter Plus.

For Exchange Server:

  • Public Folder Size
  • Public Folders List
  • Mail Enabled Public Folders
  • Public Folder Traffic - Message Count
  • Public Folder Users Report
  • Public Folder Traffic – Subject
  • Public Folder Permission Reports



For Exchange Online:

  • Public Folders
  • Mail Enabled Public Folders
  • Mail Enabled Public folder Items
  • Mail Enabled Public folder Statistics
  • Public folder activity



Exchange Reporter Plus fetches the necessary Public Folder logs from various sources like the Exchange Server, Active Directory (AD) and so on to provide reports about important public folder statistics.

Steps to generate public folder statistics reports in Exchange Reporter Plus:
  1. Click on Reporting tab on the top pane.
  2. Navigate toExchange Server > Public Folders > Permission Reports.
  3. Note: For Exchange Online reports, navigate to Exchange Online > Other Exchange Reports > Public Folder Reports.


  4. Choose the report you want to generate, from the list of available reports.
  5. Enter the Organization Name and other inputs such as business hours, period for report generation, if and when prompted.
  6. Click on Generate Now.

It is that simple! Using Exchange Reporter Plus’ pre-configured reports you can easily keep a watch over your organization’s public folders. To find out more about how Exchange Reporter Plus simplifies your complex PowerShell tasks, click here.

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