License Management:


As the name suggests, this feature enables you to manage licenses – that of ADSelfService Plus. Since ADSelfService Plus is a "per user" license product, this feature bears a huge significance.


When users enroll with ADSelfService Plus, they are provided with the access rights termed as the "license". In more simple terms, just as you need a license to drive a car, you need a license to use the services of ADSelfService Plus.


Why Do We Need License Management Feature?


What Exactly Is License Management?


Let's us assume an organization comprises of 5000 users and it purchases 5000 user licenses. Gradually, over the years, about 1000 employees drop out of the organization. Then, it means 1000 licenses, for which the organization made a payment, is being wasted! Now, what if the product offers the organization a chance to reuse these licenses,by giving it to new arrivals?! After all, an organization is a place where there will be steady influx and efflux of employees!


Well, this is "license management" in a nutshell - as simple as that! Manage user licenses, so as to provide the organization maximum benefit.



In short,"license management" performs a sort of "drain the swamp" work for keeping an organization in an orderly manner.


Restricting inactive users from accessing ADSelfService Plus is a part of effective license management.


Click on Restrict Users for further details.


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