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Webinar - How to customize ServiceDesk Plus better with Field and Form Rules

A request or change template in ServiceDesk Plus plays a significant role in collecting accurate information and creating valuable user experience. With field and form rules, you can create dynamic forms by defining custom rules during form load, field change and form submit right on the GUI.

With field and form rules, you can:

  • Avoid cluttered request templates that overwhelm users
  • Reduce the number of templates required for similar type of requests
  • Avoid invalid/inaccurate field entries
  • Reduce the time required to gather request information
  • Ensure valid request submissions

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Enable or disable, mandate or non-mandate, show or hide fields based on predefined criteria.
  • Create rules during any of these events: On-form load, on field change and on-form submit.
  • Auto-fill field values based on predefined criteria
  • Write custom scripts using simple codes.
  • Validate the time period of any request or change using date validation script.
  • Prevent incomplete request submissions by prompting the users for inputs.


Santhosh Mahiban

About the speaker

Santhosh has 5 years of experience in ITSM and customer relationship. He has guided many clients to implement ServiceDesk Plus and helped them trouble shooting. He travels around the world delivering presentations on ITSM, ServiceDesk Plus and related topics.

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