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Monitor SharePoint Online with SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint is a platform organizations use to host large volumes of their business data. For a business to operate effectively, uninterrupted access to this data is crucial; unexpected service outages or unavailability of space in critical sites can cause major disruptions in everyday operations. This is why it's important to monitor your SharePoint environment to avoid incidents like these.

SharePoint Manager Plus, the SharePoint Online monitoring tool from ManageEngine, continuously monitors the health of your SharePoint services, endpoints, and sites, and sends real-time alerts when there's an issue. SharePoint Manager Plus' built-in Service Health, Endpoint Monitoring, and Site Statistics reports enable you to track the performance of your SharePoint services and sites. Below is more information on the reports offered by SharePoint Manager Plus.

Service Health

This report contains service health updates on the myriad of features within a tenant. For each feature, details such as status of the service, start and end time, and event IDs are available. Clicking on the event ID offers deeper insight into the incident or advisory in question. Here, you can view the issue, resolution, and a timeline of events, as well as possible workarounds if available.

Endpoint Monitoring

Keeping tabs on your endpoints helps ensure that SharePoint resources are always available. In this report, each instance of a connection failure is recorded as an incident. In addition, if the time taken to establish a connection is longer than 1,500ms, it's marked as an advisory. Timely analysis of the information logged here can help prevent possible connection failures.

Site Statistics

The Site Statistics report contains insights on SharePoint Online quota monitoring, which is comprised of the maximum storage space available to each tenant and how much space has been utilized. Since the storage information of each tenant can be viewed from a single console, this report helps ensure that the available resources are properly optimized.

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