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SharePoint Permission and Security Reports

Make SharePoint Manager Plus' security reports the eyes and ears of your SharePoint environment. These reports answer questions including:

  • Which sites and lists have unique permissions?
  • Which users or sites have been inactive for a while?
  • Which users were assigned permissions directly?
  • What permissions were assigned to Active Directory and SharePoint groups?

These reports help you gain insight on all activities in your environment so you can prevent data breaches.

SharePoint Manager Plus , the SharePoint management, auditing, reporting, and monitoring component of AD360, our unified IAM solution, provides security reports for both on-premises and online SharePoint environments, which is helpful for organizations that use both. Security reports have two categories: permission reports and user and group reports.

Permission reports:

Permission reports - SharePoint security reports

Access, as a key element for data breaches, needs to be watched closely. View information on permissions assigned, broken, or inherited. Find out which document libraries have not inherited parent permissions, which users have been assigned permissions directly as opposed to through SharePoint groups, which sites and lists have unique permissions, and more.

User and group reports:

User and group reports - SharePoint security reports

Knowing what’s accessible isn’t enough to paint a complete picture of your environment. You also need to know which user or group has access. These reports provide exhaustive information on users and groups, including which site they belong to, who administers which sites, who has been inactive or deleted, and more.

Get the list of all permissions, monitor them to enhance your SharePoint security

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