Simple IAM solutions for complex IT challenges


Identity life cycle management

Effortless user management with automation and orchestration.

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Automation policies

Create custom automation policies to automate a chain of labor-intensive tasks at scheduled time intervals.

Orchestration templates

Leverage webhooks, custom scripts, and logic blocks to automate user provisioning across user directories and cloud apps.

Smart templates

Create user provisioning templates with creation and modification rules to auto populate user attributes for bulk provisioning.

Notification templates

Configure custom email notification templates to notify admins once the automation is successfully completed.


Secure access to critical resources and apps with adaptive MFA.

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Streamlined enrollment

Enroll users using email or push notifications, logon scripts, CSV file imports, and data imports from external databases.

MFA authenticators

Choose from 19 different authenticators including email verification, biometrics, and YubiKey to enforce MFA for users.

MFA for endpoints and apps

Ensure secure access by enforcing MFA for machines, VPNs, RDP, OWA, cloud apps, and Windows User Account Control.

Adaptive MFA

Use automated access control policies based on the user's time of access, geolocation, IP address, and device.


One-click access to enterprise apps with MFA-powered SSO.

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Passwordless authentication

Eliminate password fatigue and prevent brute-force attacks by authenticating with factors such as biometrics and TOTPs.

MFA-secured SSO

Secure one-click access to applications with additional security factors such as email verification and Google Authenticator.

SSO dashboard

Configure your enterprise and cloud apps for SSO and access them in a single click from the SSO dashboard.

Custom applications

Configure SSO for cloud and on-premises applications that support SAML, OAuth, and OIDC protocols.

Self-service password management

Reduce IT tickets with self-service password reset and account unlock.

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Self-service password reset and account unlock

Empower users to reset their passwords and unlock their accounts without raising help desk tickets.

Granular password policies

Create custom password complexity rules for users and enforce them using the Password Policy Enforcer.

Password expiration notifier

Notify users of their soon-to-be expired passwords through email, SMS, or push notifications.

Real-time password synchronizer

Enable users to maintain a single set of credentials by syncing their passwords across AD and other enterprise apps.

AI-driven analytics

Detect suspicious user activities with UBA-driven audits and alerts.

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User behavior analytics

Leverage the ML-driven data engine to monitor user activities and identify suspicious logons, file access, and more.

Comprehensive audit reports

Get detailed audit reports on AD, Microsoft 365, and hybrid Exchange setups with historical audit log retention.

Custom audit profiles

Create custom profiles to generate audit reports at periodic time intervals and have them mailed to you.

Real-time alerts

onfigure alert profiles to stay ahead of security breaches with instant email and SMS alert notifications.

Approval workflows

Monitor technician activities with approval-based business workflows.

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Requester roles

Create custom requester roles and assign them to help desk technicians to raise requests to execute management tasks.

Workflow agents

Design multi-level workflows with different agents to review, approve, and execute a request raised by a technician.

Workflow rules

Configure business workflows and set rules to assign these workflows to the requests raised by workflow technicians.

Request repository

Maintain a list of all the requests that were raised or executed, and track their details for audit and compliance purposes.

Identity automation

Leverage hands-free management of identities with automation policies.

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Custom automation

Automate a series of management tasks based on predefined time intervals or sequential decisions.

HCM integrations

Integrate custom HCM applications to fetch data from and provision users across other cloud directories or apps.

User orchestration

Orchestrate automated user life cycle management across apps using webhooks, custom scripts, and logic blocks.

Workflow-driven automation

Scrutinize automation tasks by implementing business workflows to review and approve before execution.

Role-based access control

Enable non-admin users to perform IT tasks with help desk delegation.

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Help desk technicians

Assign non-admin users as technicians to perform help desk tasks, without escalating privileges in the native tools.

Custom help desk roles

Create custom help desk roles for technicians to manage users, reset passwords, modify group memberships, and more.

Granular delegation

Define a technician's delegation based on OUs, groups, tenants, or even object attributes to ensure granular control.

Built-in audit reports

Get detailed insights on admin and technician activities with built-in audit reports, making compliance easy.

Microsoft 365 administration

Manage, audit, and monitor with Microsoft 365 management and security.

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Bulk management

Create and manage users, mailboxes, contacts, and groups in bulk using smart templates and simple CSV files.

Comprehensive reporting

Get detailed insights into your Microsoft 365 environment with built-in reports, audit profiles, and real-time alerts.

Multi-tenant delegation

Create virtual tenants to design and manage a multi-tenant environment without altering the tenant in Microsoft 365.

24/7 Monitoring

Stay on top of service outages with continuous monitoring of the health and performance of Microsoft 365 services.

AD administration

Take control of your AD environment with AD management and reporting.

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Automated bulk management

Leverage smart templates and orchestrate the management of mailboxes, contacts, and groups across applications.

In-depth reporting

Use the built-in reports or build custom reports on AD, and have them automatically generated and emailed to you.

Non-invasive AD delegation

Create and assign custom help desk roles to technicians to perform AD delegation without privilege creep.

Workflow-based automation

Create custom workflow rules to monitor critical automation tasks such as permission changes and user deletion.

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