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application access with secure enterprise SSO

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Simplify application access with secure SSO

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions help eliminate password fatigue in employees.

Businesses rely on various enterprise applications, both cloud and on-premises, every day. This means that users have to frequently enter more passwords just to access these applications and complete their work. To increase users' productivity, decrease password fatigue, and make identity management more effective, your organization needs to deploy an efficient SSO solution.

AD360 provides enterprise SSO that gives users seamless, one-click access to all SAML-, OAuth-, and OIDC-enabled cloud applications with just one set of credentials. Apart from SSO, it offers adaptive MFA, automated identity life cycle management, approval-based workflows, and more.

A comprehensive SSO solution with advanced capabilities

  • SSO for cloud and
    on-premises applications
  • SSO secured with MFA
  • Customizable SSO configuration

SSO for cloud and on-premises applications

  • Enable SSO for cloud and on-premises enterprise applications that leverage SAML, OAuth, or OIDC protocols.
  • Configure SSO for pre-integrated enterprise applications that are commonly used, or add your own custom cloud or on-premises applications that use the supported protocols.
  • Support both identity provider (IdP)- and service provider (SP)-initiated SSO flows for users trying to gain access to enterprise applications.
  • Leverage the user-friendly SSO dashboard where users can access all of their applications from a single pane.
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SSO secured with MFA

  • Secure SSO to applications with the help of adaptive MFA techniques, and authenticate users based on their location, IP address, and device type.
  • Choose from 19 different authentication factors, ranging from biometrics to a YubiKey.
  • Configure the number and type of MFA authentication factors that users have to verify with based on the OUs and groups they belong to.
  • Customize MFA trust settings for users, and specify options like browser trust and the number of days for which the trust is retained.
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Customizable SSO configuration

  • Easily use AD identities to set up SSO for enterprise applications, saving time that would have otherwise been spent on setting up new identities for users.
  • Control or restrict user access to any particular cloud application by creating policies based on AD OUs and groups.
  • Easily view and download the identity provider (IdP) configuration details needed to set up SSO for an application.
  • Provide the passwordless authentication feature for users to log in to enterprise applications conveniently, yet securely.
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An enriched, user-friendly console for both admins and users

  •  A wide range of
  •  Seamless SSO
  •  SSO for custom
  •  Easy IdP configuration
A wide range of applications

Choose to enable SSO for a wide range of commonly used enterprise applications.

Seamless SSO  
SSO for custom applications

Choose the required SSO protocol to configure SSO for custom applications.


Configure details like source and target attributes needed for specific SSO protocols.

Easy IdP configuration

Easily obtain and save the IdP details needed for further SP configuration.


Benefits of
implementing SSOusing AD360

  • Reduced password fatigue
    Reduce password fatigue in users from having to remember and enter multiple passwords for various enterprise applications.
  • Faster IT integration
    Ensure faster integration of acquired businesses or partnerships with the existing framework of your organization.
  • Increased security
    Users normally tend to choose weak passwords for easy remembrance of multiple credentials, which can be hacked easily using brute force. With MFA-secured SSO, eliminate users' need to choose weak passwords, and ensure increased security.
  • Streamlined user experience
    Empower users to adopt more applications with simplified, one-click access.

Enable one-click, secure access to on-premises and
cloud-based enterprise applications

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