Free Process Traffic Monitor


  • View server/desktop traffic usage graphically
  • Monitor Processes/applications occupying ports(UDP/TCP)
  • View individual interface traffic usage graphically
  • Configure thresholds for IN/OUT traffic usage
  • Search based on process & sort based on any column
  • Terminate unwanted processes from UI
Free Process Traffic Monitor Tool

Free System Process and Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Need to keep track of bandwidth usage? Process Traffic Monitor is the perfect tool for you. The tool helps find which process/application utilizes more resources in a system, monitor TCP/IP network pattern and set threshold values for incoming and outgoing bandwidth traffic.

Bandwidth Traffic Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Bandwidth Traffic Monitoring

Increasing bandwidth usage? Monitor incoming and outgoing bandwidth traffic usage of machines, servers and individual interfaces in a graph. Also when the bandwidth usage exceeds the threshold limit gives a warning.

System Process Network Traffic Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

System Process Monitoring

View the list of all the TCP/UDP port occupying processes in the given machine with performance metrics such as CPU, Memory and bandwidth sent/receive usage. End the process that drains the CPU by clicking the End Process button.

Monitor Threshold Traffic - ManageEngine Free Tools

Set Traffic Usage Threshold Limit

Set maximum threshold limit for incoming/outgoing traffic at various levels such as overall server/interface and individual processes. When the bandwidth usage exceeds the threshold limit, color coded alerts are shown in the process view.

Traffic Monitoring