Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions for Enterprises

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Android MDM (Android mobile device management) refers to the tools used to manage and secure Android devices within an organization. It involves implementing effective Android device management policies, configurations, and restrictions to ensure these devices are utilized efficiently while maintaining data security. Android MDM solutions offer comprehensive control over Android devices, allowing organizations to remotely manage and monitor device settings, application installations, data access, and more. By utilizing Android management software, businesses can enhance productivity, enforce security measures, and simplify the management of their Android device fleet. With an Android MDM solution, organizations can optimize device usage, streamline workflows, and protect sensitive information.

Challenges faced without Android device management software

Without Android device management, organizations face several challenges in effectively managing their Android device fleet. These challenges include security vulnerabilities, as devices may lack essential security measures, leading to data breaches and unauthorized access.

Lack of control over apps is another issue, with organizations struggling to manage app installations and updates, potentially resulting in the use of unauthorized or unproductive applications. Moreover, the absence of MDM makes monitoring and tracking devices in real-time difficult, hindering quick issue identification and resolution.

Perhaps most critical is the risk of data loss in case of device loss or theft, where sensitive data on unmanaged devices becomes vulnerable without remote wipe capabilities.

Addressing the challenges

Android device management solutions allow IT admins to enroll, provision, secure, and monitor the corporate- and personally-owned Android devices that are used for work. To facilitate this process an Android MDM app is required to be installed on the managed device. This Android MDM app allows the device to receive and execute commands initiated by the IT admin through the Android MDM server.

Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM) is an Android MDM solution, that lets you manage Android devices running Android 4.0 or later versions with the extensive mobile device management capabilities available to manage Android devices. This comprehensive Android device manager provides everything needed to manage the Android devices in your organization, right from basic Android mobile device management capabilities such as automated enrollment, app management, proactive security measures etc., to advanced mobile device management configurations for Android devices such as Kiosk Mode, Lost Mode etc.

ManageEngine MDM is an intuitive and simple to use Android MDM app to manage Android devices, as it equips the IT admins with the right set of Android device management configurations to efficiently manage Android devices in the enterprise. Mobile Device Manager Plus provides you with support for all the basic Android device manager features in addition to advance Android MDM software capabilities. To manage Android devices, an ME MDM app for Android devices should be installed on the device. This MDM app for Android, in addition to acting as the MDM client app on the Android device, provides several other management features serving as an Android device management app.

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This Android MDM guide covers the following

Why do enterprises need an Android management software?

Enterprises need Android device management software for several reasons. And Android device management tool or solution can:

  • Enhance device security by enforcing Android device management policies and protocols, thereby protecting against data breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Streamline device configuration for the IT team, making it easier to set up and deploy Android devices across the organization.
  • Simplify application management, allowing centralized control over app deployment and updates.
  • Enable remote monitoring and support, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Overall, Android device management software ensures efficient and secure management of Android devices in the enterprise environment.

Benefits of using Android MDM Software

Android MDM software offers a range of benefits to enterprises seeking efficient and secure management of their Android device fleet. By leveraging this software, organizations can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Enhanced Android device security
  • Centralized management of various device types from different OEMs
  • Streamlined enterprise-developed and store app deployment
  • Adherence to organization and industry standards
  • Remote troubleshooting and support
  • Geolocation and tracking
  • Customizable policies
  • Efficient asset management

How to manage Android devices with MDM?

The most optimal way to manage Android devices in organizations is to create a comprehensive Android device management system by deploying an Android MDM solution. An Android mobile device manager provides organizations a unified console to perform all the Android device management tasks. Through this console, IT admins will be able to monitor and communicate commands to the workforce's Android devices even remotely, facilitating to implement the necessary security measures on them in real time. Android device management software allows IT admins to:

  • Bring the corporate and personally-owned Android devices under management by installing the Android MDM app.
  • Install, uninstall, configure and update Store and enterprise apps without admin intervention
  • Seamlessly distribute corporate resources such as documents and media files to devices
  • Remotely maintain devices by troubleshooting or tracking devices based on the device usage

Android device management requires a dedicated MDM application to allow admins execute the above mobile device management tasks on Android devices.

MDM app for Android

A comprehensive Android MDM app provides organizations a unified MDM console to manage Android devices including smartphones, tablets and TVs. ManageEngine's Mobile Device Manager Plus is one such Android mobile device management software (MDM for Android) that IT admins can use to manage Android devices through their entire lifecycle in the organization right from onboarding to retirement.

Once you set up the Mobile Device Manager Plus for Android device management, users can download the ManageEngine MDM app from the Play Store and start the enrollment process or you can initiate the enrollment right from the server with minimal user intervention.

The MDM app for Android devices is mandatory to manage Android devices using Mobile Device Manager Plus and leverage all the benefits offered by the Android MDM app.

Features of an Android MDM software

MDM software for Android or Android MDM app must support the following features to provide the organizations with holistic Android device management:

Features of Mobile Device Management(MDM)

Android Device enrollment

  • Over-the-air (OTA) device enrollment for corporate and personally-owned Android devices
  • Register devices into the Android device manager based on ownership.
  • Authenticate enrollment with a one-time passcode (OTP) and/or the user's Active Directory (AD) credentials.
  • Enroll multiple devices for the same user.
  • Enroll and manage Android devices in bulk with Samsung Knox enrollment and Zero Touch enrollment.
  • Enroll and manage android enterprise devices without the need to install a client app on devices.

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Android Profile management

  • Create and enforce policies and restrictions for Android management.
  • Configure Active Directory (AD) policy settings to access enterprise resources using the Android MDM app.
  • Restrict the use of camera, Bluetooth, browser, and more for increased security.
  • Segregate Android devices based on whether they are corporate or personally owned (BYOD), and apply appropriate policies and restrictions to manage Android devices.

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Android App management

  • Manage and distribute both in-house and Play Store apps without any admin intervention.
  • Fetch reports to monitor the status of apps installed on managed Android devices.
  • Publish apps on an app catalog for users to choose and install by themselves.
  • Blocklist apps not approved by the organization to prevent usage and/or installation of these apps.
  • Lock down devices to a single app or a set of apps and restrict access to other apps, settings and device functionalities.

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Android Security management

  • Customize device passcodes, from simple to complicated, according to the need of the organization.
  • Remotely lock Android devices to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Perform remote alarm to identify any lost devices.
  • Perform remote wipe to prevent data loss or theft.
  • Perform corporate wipe to erase confidential corporate data such as e-mails, documents etc.

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Audits and reports

  • Perform assertive monitoring by generating updated reports on the status of the Android devices.
  • Generate customized reports based on criteria such as apps by devices, devices by model, etc.

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Why is ManageEngine MDM Plus the best android MDM solution?

ManageEngine MDM Plus is considered the best Android MDM solution for its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface, robust security measures, seamless app management, device compatibility, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing. It offers organizations the tools they need to effectively manage and secure their Android device fleet.

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