How OpManager stands out.

ManageEngine OpManager is a network and server monitoring tool that helps network administrators gain increased visibility and control over their network's performance. With OpManager, you can monitor various parameters in your network devices such as availability, performance, CPU temperature, fan speed, bandwidth, etc. You can set multi-level thresholds, automate repetitive network management tasks, and gain deeper understanding of your network performance using insightful reports.

Over 1 million network administrators trust us for their day-to-day operations. Here's why:

  • Automated device discovery and classification
  • Over 8000 device templates and more than 100 monitoring parameters
  • Multi-level threshold-based monitoring
  • One-click integration with internal and third-party tools
  • Advanced network visualization
  • Slack, SMS, web, and console-based notification
  • L1 & L2 fault management automation
  • More monitoring with less scripting
  • No limit on contacting support
  • No security or privacy issues

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Expanding the scope of network monitoring with powerful integrations.

OpManager comes with one-click, out-of-the-box support for integration with both in-house and external ITOM / ITSM tools. These integrations help you perform additional IT management operations including firewall analysis, IP address & switch port management, network configuration management and much more. These integrations, coupled with OpManager's powerful network monitoring capablitlies helps in ensuring constant availability of your IT infrastructure.

5 Why’s To Make The Switch To OpManager…

  • Why write scripts when you can leverage complex features out-of-the-box?
  • Why limit yourself on support when you can get unlimited support?
  • Why utilize a less secure, open-source product when you can leverage a highly secure, in-house solution?
  • Why use multiple applications when you can do it all from a single console?
  • Why integrate with other tools through command line code when you can integrate without code?

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