ADManager Plus Awards and Recognitions

ManageEngine ADManager Plus holds its head high on being recognized and rewarded some of the most prized certifications and review ratings. Listed below are a few of them: Readers' Choice Awards - ManageEngine ADManager Plus wins runners up in the AD Management category

Windows IT Pro Awards 2013: ADManager Plus wins the Community Choice Silver for the third consecutive year.

Extending the winning run!

Yet again, for the third straight year in a row, ADManager Plus gets the thumbs up from our customers and wins the Community Choice silver award in the Best Active Directory / Group Policy Product category Readers' Choice Awards - ManageEngine ADManager Plus wins runners up in the AD Management category Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - ADManager Plus wins runners up in the AD Management category

ADManager Plus adds yet another feather to its hat with a podium finish as the runners up in the Active Directory management category in Reader's Choice awards 2013.

Best Active Directory/Group Policy Product

Windows IT Pro Awards 2012: ADManager Plus wins Editors' Best & Community Choice Silvers.

Continuing the winning streak!

Once again, ADManager Plus gets the vote of the expert reviewers and also our customers to bag the silver awards for the Editors' Best as well as the Community Choice in the Best Active Directory/Group Policy Product category, for the second year in a row.

Windows IT Pro's Editiors' Best and Community Choice Awards 2011:

Best Active Directory / Group Policy Manager

Winning the hearts of the experts and users alike!!

MangeEngine ADManager Plus wins Silver Medals in 'Editors' Best' and also 'Community Choice' in the 'Best Active Directory / Group Policy Manager' category.

That ADManager Plus has yet again managed to win the hearts of both the experts and users is an ample testimony to ADManager Plus's capability to meet the varied demands of the experts and customers through its world class features & capabilities, simple to use, easy to understand UI, highly useful features that make their everyday tasks simple, easy to manage and execute.

Certificate Of Networthiness:

Defending the Active Directory of the Department of Defense

ADManager Plus has been awarded the prized Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) by the Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) of the United States Army.

Certificate Of Networthiness

The Certificate of Networthiness is the basic qualification for any software to be deployed into the armed forces of the United States. The army has a selection process that is as elaborate and strict as they have it for their personnel. This certificate shows that ADManager Plus meets the highest standards of security, compatibility and sustainability - the 3-word mantra for the US Army's Technical Staff! This also proves ADManager Plus's superiority as an active directory manager in performance. In today's world of networks and servers, security is of utmost importance...and this certification is of great significance in this respect.

In addition to the certification, the fact that ADManager Plus has been adopted by many other Government and Federal agencies, and defense organizations like the Army, Navy, Air Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Department of Defense, is a resounding testimony to ADManager Plus's capability and efficiency in Active Directory management.

Windows IT Pro:

Straight, Unbiased and Honest...

ADManager Plus has been conferred a "Three-Diamond" rating by Windows IT Pro Magazine!

Windows IT Pro is a trusted trade publication and website dedicated to reviewing products that run on Windows.

Three diamond rating - ADManager Plus

On the issue dated January 25th, 2010, ADManager Plus was reviewed along with three other comparable Active Directory products. Among them, ADManager Plus emerged a clear champion in ease of installing and deployment. Another feature that caught the senses of the reviewer was the comprehensiveness and the range of reports available; especially the reports for compliance to Government Regulatory Acts like SOX and HIPAA.

"There are even compliance-specific reports, including SOX-, HIPPA-, and PCI-compliance reports. Of all the products in this comparative review, ADManager Plus has the most comprehensive list of available reports."

And who can miss the ADManager Plus Delegation model!?!! Windows IT Pro's review stated that ADManager Plus has out-of-the-box delegation features, and in particular, the ability to enable even a technically naive person create an Exchange Mailbox! ADManager Plus helps to create a Help Desk Technician Role that had the correct permissions to create an Exchange mailbox, even though the user wasn't an Exchange administrator.

"I was excited to see a particular right: Create Exchange Mailbox. With this right, I was able to create a Help Desk Technician Role that had the correct permissions to create an Exchange mailbox, even though the user wasn't an Exchange administrator."

Last but not the least, the one aspect in which ADManager Plus that undoubtedly hits the pinnacle is the also the one where it hits the abyss - the pricing. Windows IT Pro has recommended ADManager Plus as an economic alternative to expensive Active Directory management software.

From Our Customer...:

And the most prized of the lot, here's a review, most coveted review for every product: From one of our customers: It gives us a sense of unparalleled joy when we think of the passion and the commitment that our customer has towards our product!

Other features

Terminal Services management

Configure Active Directory Terminal Services attributes from a much simpler interface than AD native tools. Exercise complete control over technicians accessing other domain users' computers.

Active Directory Group Management

Manage your Active Directory Security Groups. Create, Delete and Modify Groups...all in a few clicks. Configure Exchange attributes of AD Groups and effect bulk group changes to your AD security groups.

Active Directory Logon Reports

Monitor logon activities of Active Directory users on your AD environment. Filter out Inactive Users. Reporting on hourly level. Generate reports for true last logon time & recently logged on users.

Active Directory Workflow

A mini Active Directory ticket-management and compliance toolkit right within ADManager Plus! Define a rigid yet flexible constitution for every task in your AD. Tighten the reins of your AD Security.

Active Directory Cleanup

Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.

Active Directory Automation

A complete automation of AD critical tasks such as user provisioning, inactive-user clean up etc. Also lets you sequence and execute follow-up tasks and blends with workflow to offer a brilliant controlled-automation.