Active Directory Management & Reporting

ADManager Plus iPhone app turns AD user management cool and slick. Your iPhone is all that you will now need to manage the user accounts in your Active Directory. This mobile app offers instant access to all your user accounts and also lets you manage them with just your fingertips, literally.

With this Active Directory iPhone app you can now add wings to your user account management prowess. Be anywhere on the world and still have all AD user accounts in your firm hold.



Reset Password

Forgotten passwords will no longer hamper user productivity. Fulfill all reset passwords requests instantaneously from anywhere, anytime with this mobile app. No more frustrating waits for your users to reset their passwords. Learn More


Enable User Accounts

Infuse life into the disabled user accounts in your Active Directory as soon as you get an enable user request, even when you are travelling. Using this mobile app strike off all enable user requests the very next moment they are created. Learn More


Disable User Accounts

Scuttle any malicious looking or insecure user account the very moment you come across one with just your fingertips. Disable user accounts and in turn the potential threats to your organization even if you are on the move. Learn More


Unlock User Accounts

Locked out user accounts require immediate attention as might lock up users' productive time unnecessarily. With these mobile apps you mobile devices turn into master keys to unlock multiple locked out user accounts no matter where you are. Learn More


Delete User Accounts

Cleanup inactive user accounts or delete potentially harmful user accounts from your Active Directory with timely and instant actions immaterial of what time it is, which part of the globe you are in, using just your mobile devices. Learn More


Key benefits

  • iPhone based AD User Management.
  • 24*7 access and control over AD user accounts.
  • Continuous availability of administrators and technicians.
  • Instant and quick actions to prevent any loss in user productivity.
  • Anytime, anyplace AD user management .
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Customer Testimonials:

  • "This is a great feature. We will definitely benefit from being able to unlock AD accounts from mobile devices saving time from having to be at a workstation."
    Matt Newton, Hendrick Health System.
  • "I find the i-phone app very useful for an administrator on the go."
    Nisar Khan, Sr. Network Administrator/Engineer, CZS/Brookfield Zoo
  • "Wow, this app is very easy to use! It saves me a lot of time when I am away from the office and need to manage a user account! Looking forward to the extra feature of being able to create user accounts, very good job!"
    Lance Hammond, Crest Operations LLC
  • "Very easy to use and works like a charm!"
    Cody Howard, Windows System Administrator I, C Spire Fiber
  • "I downloaded and installed the iOS App for ADManager Plus. It is a great App to quickly view the status of a user and to immediately either enable, disable or change the password for the user especially if I'm elsewhere on campus and an issue comes up."
    Br. Jeffrey Allen, SJ Technology Project Coordinator, Loyola High School
  • "The ADManager Plus mobile application is a great added feature to an already great product. It allows me to manage users from anywhere, at anytime. This saves a lot of time and I don't need to take my laptop with me everywhere."
    Daniel Cloete, Team Leader, Information Security Services, UCS Solutions
  • "It's a great application to manage our Active Directory from the mobile and also I would like to give my appreciation to the application itself as its help me a lot in creating bulk users in all our new sites and cleaning our AD from old computers and users and a lot of features help all the system administrators. Good luck ADManager Team"
    Arqam S. Batarfi, Corporate IT infrastructure Manager, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers
  • "This is a great addition to ADManager Plus. It will allow us to manage our users anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. From Security prospective this will simplify the termination process as terminations need to be addressed immediately, with no delay. Excellent addition to an excellent product!!!"
    Margaret Sandler, Information Security, CareTech Solutions
  • "The Mobile App for ADManager lets me walk throughout the environment and talk to my users, if they are locked out I use my phone and do not have to carry a laptop around. It has made my job easier."
    Joe Boros, Help Desk Specialist, Roper St. Francis