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Download SQLDBManager Plus Service Pack for Release 5.5


Get the latest service pack of SQLDBManager Plus and upgrade to Release 5.5 (Build no. 5500). Read through the release notes to know more about the new features in the Service Pack. This service pack is for customers who are already using SQLDBManager Plus (Build no. 5000 & above). New users can directly download the Full Build.


Who Should Upgrade Steps for Service Pack Download and Installation
Customers using Build no. 5000 and above
  1. Download Service Pack for Release 5.5
  2. Proceed to install latest Service Pack for Release 5.5.

Instructions to Apply the Service Pack:

  • Shut down SQLDBManager Plus as you normally do.
  • Start command prompt as an administrator [cmd > right click --> run as administrator].
  • Via command prompt, execute the shutdownSQLDBManagerPlus.bat -force command from the 'SQLDBManager Plus Home' folder.
  • As a best practice, take a complete backup of 'SQLDBManager Plus Home' folder.
  • Run the updateManager.bat script under the 'SQLDBManager Plus Home/bin' folder which invokes the Update Manager tool.
  • Browse and select the Service pack file (.ppm) saved in your computer.
  • Click Install to initiate the upgrade process.
  • Once you see the "Installed" message on your screen, click Finish to complete the installation.
  • Start SQLDBManager Plus Server.

Need Help?

Want help with upgrading to the latest version of SQLDBManager Plus? Please email us at sqldbmanagerplus-support@manageengine.com