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How Certis Europe cut down help desk calls by 30%

Certis is an established name in the crop protection business with direct operations in key European markets. They provide solutions to crop production challenges for customers in a wide-ranging portfolio. Over 200 users employ Certis' centralized business infrastructure from their office locations, homes and hotels all over Europe. To manage the 50 virtual servers that make up Certis' infrastructure, their IT team needed the ability to track application performance from both the end-user perspective and at a detailed infrastructure level. A centralized customizable monitoring environment was essential to providing wide coverage of parameters from all their sales-critical applications and servers. Read More

ManageEngine Applications Manager in the Financial Domain

A leading bank with thousands of branch offices deployed Applications Manager to monitor their back office applications used in different countries. Some of the applications they have like Loan processing, account creations and approvals, and B2B transactions are custom-built web applications. These applications form an important part of the bank's functioning and are used by 1000s of employees of the bank. These N-tiered applications deployed on popular J2EE Servers need to be fast (good response times) enough to ensure faster customer handling and better employee productivity. Read More

Applications Manager helps SaaS Office Suite Ensure Good User Experience

Zoho is an online office productivity and collaboration suite. They provide SaaS applications for enterprises and consumers and target a global audience. These SaaS applications are critical for their customers, hence the Zoho operations team needs to ensure 24x7 availability and performance for these applications. Read More

Introduction to On Demand TV - Japan

On Demand TV Inc, is a broadband service provider in Japan, providing video-on-demand services and distributing image contents over B-FLET'S, high-speed Internet connectionsvia optical fiber of NTT EAST CORPORATION and NTT WEST CORPORATION. It enables each subscriber to enjoy high-quality multi-channel broadcasting at home. With the catch phrase "WHAT YOU LIKE, WHEN YOU LIKE, and HOW MUCH YOU LIKE", the company is steadily getting more subscribers and has started the first "On Demand TV High-Vision" service in Japan since July 2006. Read More

Parliament's IT systems smoothly managed by ManageEngine Applications Manager

The IT department of a big parliament, had to constantly monitor and manage the various systems, servers and databases present. The environment consisted of Oracle 11i ERP Servers, IIS Servers, web servers, the server that runs enterprise document management system, Oracle databases, SQL Server databases that run various applications like help desk software, project management system, etc. Read More

User Scenario for Network Monitoring Connector

Network administrators always find themselves in tricky situations when finding the exact cause of user complaints. The number of contributing factors to any application slowness is well beyond that which can be contained in a manual/journal/white paper/best practices guide.
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