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Pricing Plans

ManageEngine Applications Manager - Pricing Plans

Pricing of Applications Manager is based on number of Monitors and number of Users who access the Product Web Client to view the Reports and Operations Dashboards.

A Monitor is a specific Application instance, Server, Service or Web URL you want to monitor. For example, if you want to monitor 100 SQL Server installations in your network, the 100 SQL Servers will be considered as 100 monitors.

Users: It is the number of users who will need to access the Product Web Client. To know more - See Pricing FAQ.

Pricing FAQ

What is a Monitor?

A Monitor is a specific Application, Server, Service or Web URL. The performance of these Applications, Servers and Services are monitored on the basis of metrics like CPU Usage, Response Time etc.

Examples of monitors supported are Windows server monitor, WebLogic monitor, Oracle database monitor, service monitor, URL Sequence monitor, Apache monitor etc.

For eg., If you want to monitor 100 SQL Server installations in your network, the 100 SQL Servers will be considered as 100 monitors.

Consider the Apache web server that is used by www.appmanager.com. This monitor (Apache web server) may have 'N' number of performance metrics exposed. For info on what performance metrics you can see for an Apache Monitor, refer Apache Monitoring.

The total number of monitors, will include the monitors that we add by default. These default monitors will not be taken into account while calculating the number of monitors for Licensing.

How to order?

To purchase Applications Manager, contact a representative at (+1-888-720-9500) or locate a reseller near you for pricing and ordering information. You can EMail appmanager-support@manageengine.com to initiate the request.

Buy Online: To purchase Applications Manager online, visit online store  (or)  Request for a price quote

What do you mean by number of users?

It is the number of users who will need to access the Product Web Client.

Why do I need an additional user license?

A multi user environment allows more than one user to simultaneously login to the Web Console. Additionally, you can make use of the various roles like 'Operator', 'Manager' and 'Read Only User' to have more control over - which users see what data.

How do I enable Monitor Add on(s)?

Monitor Add on comes bundled in the product itself (No separate download). After buying a monitor Add-on, for example - SAP Add on, if you apply the license, SAP Monitor will be enabled. Contact appmanager-support@manageengine.com for buying monitor Add-On. You can view the list of Add ons provided with Applications Manager here.

How many monitors can I use if I purchase Add-on?

For example, you have bought 25 monitor license and SAP monitor add-on, you can configure and monitor 25 number of SAP servers. SAP add-on is for enabling the SAP monitoring feature in Applications Manager.

Can I purchase a Perpetual License (a one-time payment License)?

Yes, you can buy Perpetual License instead of Annual Subscription. Please contact sales@manageengine.com to know more.

Does Annual Subscription fee cover Maintenance and Support?

Yes, Annual Subscription includes Maintenance and Support fee.

Does Annual Subscription fee include phone support?

Yes, Annual Subscription fee includes phone suppport.

Do I have to pay for Applications Manager database license?

No, Applications Manager comes bundled with a database. Hence you do not have to buy database license for using Applications Manager.

Enterprise Professional Free

Supports monitoring up to 5 apps or servers. you can use it forever.