Service Packs

AssetExplorer Service Pack

We recommend customers to move to the latest version.

Note: We strongly recommend you to take backups before migrating. This helps you prevent accidental loss of data.
Customers who are using 5000 - 5005, 5100 - 5102 version can directly move to 5103
Customers who are using 5103 alone can upgrade to 5500
Customers who are using 5500 , 5501, 5502, 5503 can upgrade to 5504
Customers who are using 5504 alone can upgrade to 5600
Customers who are using 5606 alone can upgrade to 5607
Customers who are using 5607-5613 can upgrade to 5614

Migrate from 5614, 5615, 5616, 5617 to Build 5618

Migrate from Build 5618 to Build 6000

Migrate from Build 6000 to Build 6100

Customers using build 5614, 5615, 5616, 5617 can install this Upgrade pack to migrate to Build 5618. Customers using build 5618 can install this Upgrade pack to migrate to Build 6000. Customers using build 6000 can install this Upgrade pack to migrate to Build 6100.

Important Note

If you are a new user, download AssetExplorer directly.

Instructions to apply the Service Pack/Hotfix

  1. Shut down AssetExplorer. (If AssetExplorer is running as a service, stop the service from Control Panel > Services window)
  2. Take a backup of the existing build for security reasons. From command prompt, move to <assetexplorer-home>\bin directory and execute backUpData.bat. This will start the backup.
    cmd>[assetexplorer home]\bin
    where, assetexplorer home -> C:\ManageEngine\assetexplorer
    NOTE: Taking a backup is essential to revert to the existing build without any loss of data if the upgrade fails due to unexpected reasons. The backup is stored under Backup folder in Assetexplorer Home directory.
  3. Run the script 'UpdateManager.bat ( for Linux) in the <assetexplorer-home>/bin folder. This opens the Update Manager tool.
  4. Click "Browse" to select the Upgrade Pack file (the .ppm file that you'd downloaded) and then click "Install"
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the Service/Upgrade Pack.
  6. Once the upgrade is complete, start AssetExplorer Server.

If you need any assistance or clarifications, please contact

How can I find the Build Number of AssetExplorer?

  1. In the ServiceDesk Plus web client, click the "About" link on top right of the page.
  2. You should see the Build number mentioned on the top right of the page.
  3. Check the following image guide to locate the build number.

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading AssetExplorer to the latest version? Contact AssetExplorer Support

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