VM Health Monitor Free Tool


  • Monitor Vmware Esx server
  • Monitor Vmware Esxi server
  • Vmware host resources like CPU, Memory, Disk Details
  • Monitor Virtual Machine(VM ) and Guest OS Resources
  • Network Bandwidth Usage Monitoring
  • Real time monitoring tool
  • Easy to learn and use
VM Health Monitor Free Tool
VM Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Monitor VM Servers

  • View the number of virtual machines present, see if they are powered on/off or suspended.
  • Monitor VMware Esx and Esxi servers for CPU, memory, disk read/write, network Rx/Tx utilization and ensure your applications run smoothly.
VM Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

VM Health Monitor Settings

  • Set critical and warning thresholds values. If CPU and Memory utilization crosses the threshold limit, alerts are shown in the dashboard Tool.
  • Set refresh time interval and view the latest performance data periodically.

VM Health Monitor Demo

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