AD360 is an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution for managing user identities, governing access to resources, enforcing security, and ensuring compliance.

How AD360 takes care of your IAM needs

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Elevate trust in identities and mitigate impersonation attacks using biometric, authenticator apps, and other advanced authentication methods. 

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  • Identity protection with UBA

    Detect, investigate, and mitigate threats such as malicious logins, lateral movement, malware attack, and privilege abuse with machine learning-based UBA; automate your threat response.

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  • Identity automation

    Eliminate redundancy and human errors, and improve business processes by automating user provisioning, stale account cleanup, and other identity-related tasks. 

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  • Identity lifecycle management

    Streamline identity management throughout the entire lifecycle of users—right from provisioning, to role changes and deprovisioning.

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  • Hybrid IAM

    Centrally manage on-premises and cloud identities, or both, and govern their privileges from a single console.

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  • Identity analytics

    Use over 1000 preconfigured reports to monitor access to crucial data and satisfy compliance mandates.

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  • Zero Trust

    Continuously monitor user activity and enforce stringent access control across your network.

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15 Gartner recommended IAM critical capabilities in AD360


Customer Testimonials

  • HEART Trust/NTA 

    Human Resource Development and Training


    AD360 increased our productivity by automating our routine tasks. Before choosing AD360, HEART Trust, NTA had evaluated Dell Kace. AD360 won the deal hands down with its simple deployment process, easy to use navigation, Intuitive out-of-the-box reports, integrated AD management, self-service portal, and AD auditing components.

  • Interstates Control Systems.

    Engineering/Information Technology & Services.

    Sioux Center, Iowa, USA.

    After the swift and successful deployment of AD360 at Interstates Control Systems, life has become a lot easier for its administrators. They no longer require complex PowerShell scripts and native Active Directory tools to manage their Active Directory. AD360 is truly a solution that gives Interstates Control Systems complete control over its Active Directory.

  • Cimarron


    The Woodlands, Texas

    AD360 provides a straightforward, customizable interface for account management in terms of onboarding and offboarding of employees. We feel AD360 will increase our productivity as a help desk organization, as well as overall cost savings. From an end user perspective, AD360 makes password management much simpler 

9/10 Fortune 100 companies 25000+ organizations trust us to manage their IAM.

Rethink your IAM with AD360

AD360 helps you simplify IAM in your IT environment by giving users quick access to the resources they need while establishing tight access controls to ensure security across on-premises Active Directory, Exchange Servers, and cloud applications from a centralized console.

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