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7 reports that will change the way you manage your help desk

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As a help desk manager, it's vital to look at the right metrics when making important, strategic, and operational decisions. Without these metrics, it might feel like you're flying blind. In this webinar, we'll show you seven important metrics that offer a new perspective on how you look at your help desk and help you manage help desk operations better.

Using these reports, you'll be able to find answers for your burning help desk questions, such as:

  1. What's impacting resolution times?
  2. Why are technicians frequently rerouting tickets?
  3. Why are customer satisfaction rates so low?

About the speaker

Rakesh Jayaprakash

Product Manager, Analytics Plus

About Rakesh Jayaprakash

Rakesh Jayaprakash is a product manager involved in product design and building integrations with third party applications. Rakesh has worked with multiple ManageEngine products for over 6 years, helping customers implement products and processes.