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Base Pack(2 users)
Additional 3 users
Additional 5 users
Additional 10 users
Additional 20 users
Additional 50 users
100+ users

Personal edition

  • Support for 1 user only
  • Add up to 10 tables, 25,000 rows, and 5 databases
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Professional edition

$1,995per year / for 2 users
  • Supports multiple users
  • Add unlimited rows, tables, and databases
  • Sharing and collaboration
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How do I calculate licenses for Analytics Plus?

The license is based on the number of 'named users' with unique e-mail addresses. For example, if you buy a 5-user license, then 5 users can create reports and dashboards, and share it amongst them.

Do I need a license for read access to view reports and dashboards in Analytics Plus?

Yes, a user license is required to view reports & dashboards in Analytics Plus.

How do I contact support?

You can e-mail us at, or call us toll-free number +1 888 720 9500. We also have a vibrant product community where you can see feedback and solutions posted by your peers and our product specialists and interact with them for any questions you may have.

Who is considered a "user" in Analytics Plus?

Anyone who needs to access, create or view reports & dashboards in Analytics Plus is considered a user and will require a license.

Is the user license in Analytics Plus, named user or concurrent user?

The user license in Analytics Plus is a named user license and needs to be associated with one email address. Analytics Plus doesn't support concurrent login sessions using the same user account.