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Dealing with the chaos- How analytics helps you get a grip on your IT

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To get better insight into how the IT infrastructure works, you'll need a data-driven monitoring system in place and a process that can pull in data from different silos and give you a complete look at your IT infrastructure.

With analytics, you can deal with problems in your IT and make accurate strategic decisions, necessary to keep your IT up and running.

Attend this webinar to know how Analytics Plus can help you to take control of your IT operations.

You'll learn how to

  • Analyze network and application data from a centralized location
  • View, customize and build interactive reports and dashboards to help you track network and application usage trends.
  • Take stock of repeated events in your IT, and prevent them from recurring.

About Speaker

For the past 3 years, Pritika has been a product analyst at ManageEngine. She has worked in multiple products in the ManageEngine space, and now is currently driving marketing efforts for Analytics Plus, ManageEngine's advanced analytics solution.